Will Your Life Be In Sync With Mercury's Progressive Motion?

Wed, Mar 13, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Wed, Mar 13, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Will Your Life Be In Sync With Mercury's Progressive Motion?

In April, Mercury Progressive 2024 will have life-altering effects on you. Let's get to know more about the Progressive Mercury transit in Pisces 2024. 

Mercury Progressive Date And Time: Check Below!

Mercury becomes progressive on 25th April 2024 (Thursday) at 06:23 PM (IST) when it moves from the Pisces sign to the Aries zodiac sign. 

Mercury will become Retrograde on 2nd April 2024 (Tuesday) when it moves back to Pisces from the Aries zodiac sign with its backward movement. After spending about 23 days in Pisces, it changes its movement from backward, becomes 'Direct', also known as 'Progressive', and returns to the Aries sign.  

After that, it stays there for about a month before moving into the Taurus zodiac sign or the sign of the Shukra (Venus), where the Progressive or Direct movement continues.  

Now, it's essential to note that Mercury goes Retrograde and then back to being Direct four times in total in 2024. Hence, analyzing the movement that causes changes in all the signs is interesting and informative. 

Getting To Know A Little About Mercury

Mercury typically takes about 30 days in one particular Rashi or sign. With that logic and calculation, Mercury (Budh Graha) takes about one year or 12 months to navigate through all the 12 signs and to complete one cycle of the Bhachakra. 

In Vedic astrology or Parashari astrology, Mercury denotes communication, cleverness, wisdom, and wit. In mythology, it is also known as the 'Messenger of Gods' and is often studied for day-to-day expressions and relationships. 

Mercury (Budh) is the Lord of Gemini and Virgo. It illustrates rational thinking, logical reasoning, IQ, and flexibility. Budh is a Karaka for education, siblings, as well as short travels. 

Mercury stands for Post-office staff, writers, journalists, teachers, publishers, etc. Wednesday is regarded as a day for Budh and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. 

What Will Mercury Progressive Effects Be On Your Life? 

We present the Mercury Progressive effects on zodiac signs and the powerful astrological Mercury Progressive remedies. These remedies will make this period as smooth for you as possible. 

Mercury Progressive Effects on Aries    

Mercury turns Direct in Pisces or becomes Progressive in the 1st house for the Aries natives and activates it. Aries's Lord is Mars, which is neutral to Mercury. Hence, the Rams will not have much impact on their lives. 

This planetary positioning might affect and bring in some changes in your body and mind. 

Remedy - Donate or give green Moong Dal (lentils) on Wednesdays.  

Mercury Progressive Effects On Taurus

Mercury goes Progressive in the 12th house (Bhava) for the Taureans. Venus (Shukra Graha) is your zodiac sign's Lord. Since Venus is friends with the Budh Graha or Mercury, this Mercury transit in Pisces in a Progressive motion will suit and benefit you immensely.  

Your 12th house, also known as the Vyaya Bhava in Vedic astrology, is the house of loss, liberation, and detachment, leading to the final emancipation, Moksha.  

Remedy - Worship Lord Ganesha.  

Mercury Progressive Effects On Gemini

The 11th house (Bhava) is where the Mercury Progression will happen for the Geminis, with Mercury as their sign's Lord. Hence, nothing can be better than this.  

The 11th house is for your friendships, social networks, and hopes, so this signifies that you will be surrounded by many of your friends. When Mercury transits in Pisces, which then goes into Direct motion or Progressive movement, you will get a lot of support from the various support systems, and the role of the community will be prominent in your life. Some beneficial collaborations are also on their way. 

Remedy - Recite the Budh Beej Mantra 108 times, "Om Braam Breem Braum Sah: Budhay Namah". 

Mercury Progressive Effects On Cancer  

The Mercury Progressive will take place in the 10th house. The Moon is the Lord for the Cancerians, but it is the enemy of Mercury, so this time will be tricky for you.

The 10th house, your Karma Bhava, is the house of your profession. Thus, you are advised to take precautions in your professional life, as per the effects of Mercury transit in Direct motion. You might feel saturated in your chosen work area. Moreover, your public image or reputation can also be at stake, so be attentive and go slow. 

Remedy - Keep a Budh Yantra at home. 

Mercury Progressive Effects On Leo  

In April, this Mercury transit in Pisces, which goes into Direct motion or Progressive movement, will impact your 9th house, which is the house for your religious beliefs, integrity, and value system. Being your Dharma Bhava and as your sign's Lord is the Sun, which is friends with Mercury, this period will make you more religious. 

During the Mercury Progressive movement or Budh Margi 2024, you will become involved in many religious and social causes to help the people around you. You will also live a life of high moral conduct and values, inspiring others by setting an example.  

Remedy - Donate food to Kinnars. 

Give this a quick glance: Financial Gains For Some! What Else Can You Expect from Venus Transit In Aries?

Mercury Progressive Effects On Virgo  

The impact of this Mercury Progressive 2024 movement will take place in the 8th house. As Mercury is the Lord for the Virgos, the Progressive movement will be quite beneficial. Mercury is also exalted in this sign, so you have nothing better to ask for.  

According to the Progressive Mercury transit in Pisces 2024 effects, you will start something big and new during this time. You will go through immense growth and transformations in your life. It is a phase in which you will restart your life and rebuild yourself from scratch on your own terms and strengths. 

We are very proud of you! 

Remedy - Offer Laddoo as Prasadam to Lord Ganesha. 

Mercury Progressive Effects On Libra  

The 7th house is where the Mercury Progressive's impact will be for the Libra natives, which is the house for your partnership, including personal and professional partnerships. This will include all your business partnerships, love relationships, and marriage.  

Venus (Shukra) is the Lord of the Libra sign, and this planet is quite friendly with Mercury, making this period auspicious for you. According to the Progressive movement of Mercury and its effects and remedies, singles can have marriage on the card. This can be the best time to start new business partnerships and collaborations that will yield results and give you long-term benefits.  

Remedy - Donate clothes to Kinnars.  

Mercury Progressive Effects On Scorpio 

The 6th house for the Scorpios will be impacted when Mercury turns Direct in Pisces. The 6th house is the house for challenges you will face during this period. Be prepared to face any issue that may pop up; always remember that problems will offer you an opportunity to grow. Hence, more problems mean that you can grow more. 

This is also when you must ensure you do not get into debt and only spend according to your funds. Try to save for a rainy day as well. 

Do you want to find out the status of your finances in the near future? Connect with the Astroyogi astrologers to get insightful answers. 

Remedy -  Keep a Budh Yantra with you.  

Mercury Progressive Effects On Sagittarius 

The 5th house for Sagittarians will receive the impact of Mercury Progressive in Pisces. Your 5th Bhava is for creation, innovation, love and romance, and the Stock Market.  

This period will offer mixed results as Guru or Jupiter is the Lord for this sign. This is also because Jupiter has a neutral relationship with Mercury. Those in the Share Market will do reasonably well with more research. During this time, most of you will think outside the box about the problems in your office and daily lives.  

Remedy - Chant the Beej Mantra "Om Braam Breem Braum Sah: Budhay Namah". 

Mercury Progressive Effects On Capricorn  

Capricorns will have their 4th house activated in this Mercury transit in Pisces, which goes into the Direct or Progressive movement. This house stands for your maternal relatives, vehicles, and property. 

 Shani or Saturn is neutral with Mercury, and as it's your sign's Lord, you will have to face some ups and downs throughout this time due to the effects of Mercury transit becoming Progressive. There might be slight delays if you are involved in selling and purchasing lands or some property; however, it will eventually go through. Hence, keep working on it and try not to scrap the project or the idea. 

Remedy - Donate green clothes.  

Mercury Progressive Effects On Aquarius 

Your 3rd house is where the Mercury Progressive will happen. Saturn is your zodiac lord, which is neutral with Mercury. The 3rd house is your house of communications, and it represents how you relate to people.   

Due to Mercury Progressive 2024, you will be able to connect with more people during this time and form connections that will be meaningful in the future. 

Remedy - Donate Green Moong Dal.  

Mercury Progressive Effects On Pisces  

Your 2nd house is where Mercury will become Progressive. Jupiter, your sign's Lord, is neutral to the planet Mercury. Your 2nd house is for your family and personal finances.  

According to the Mercury transit 2024 in Progressive movement, you will have reasonable control over your finances and a good family life. There can be some arguments within your family and between your family members; however, in the end, it will all settle down. So relax and be calm; always be loving towards your family.  

Remedy - Donate to an orphanage or needy kids. 

 The forecasts mentioned above are general in nature for the Mercury Progressive 2024. If you wish to learn more about the effects on your life, connect with Tarot Sonia on Astroyogi.

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