5 Zodiacs Will Reap Abundance with Mars Transit in Sagittarius!

Thu, Dec 07, 2023
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Thu, Dec 07, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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5 Zodiacs Will Reap Abundance with Mars Transit in Sagittarius!

The end of 2023 is fast approaching! And the last couple of planetary transits of this year are set to make major changes in your life. The Mars transit in Sagittarius 2023 will be one such transit. 

Mars Transit in Sagittarius Date And Time: Check Out Below!

The Mars transit in Sagittarius date is 28th December 2023 (Thursday), and the transit will take place at 12:36 AM (IST).  

Getting to Know The Planet Mars in Vedic Astrology 

Mars, i.e., the Mangal Graha, has the following relationship with the planets.  

  • Friendly with - Sun, Moon, and Jupiter
  • Neutral with - Venus and Saturn 
  • Enmity with - Mercury, Rahu, and Ketu 
  • Lordship of - Aries and Scorpio 

Unfortunately, Mars is considered to be one of the cruelest planets. It is masculine with a fiery element attached to it. Mars has a bright red color assigned to it. 

Tuesday is the weekday dedicated to the planet Mars. When we talk about precious gemstones, the beautiful Red Coral is associated with this planet. It can calm the planet's malefic effects for the natives who wear it after doing the proper rituals and with the right intentions under the guidance of an expert astrologer. When it comes to gemstones, always consult with an astrologer on Astroyogi

Mangal (Mars) is the Karaka for courage, vigor, passion, and energy. It can also lead to anger and wars.  

Now that we know a little about Mars, let us dive into the effects of Mars transit in Sagittarius on the natives of all the 12 zodiac signs. The blog will also offer you insights on how you can calm the malefic effects of Mars easily using Vedic remedies.  

How Will The Mars Transit in Sagittarius 2023 Affect Your Life?

Here are the Mars transit effects on zodiac signs.

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Aries    

The 9th house will be the house of transit for Aries natives. As per the Mars transit effects, your children might trouble you a bit during this time, but be patient with them; after all, they are your children, and you love them. Focus on their studies and health, rest everything will improve soon with time.

Remedy - Donate sweets to the religious places near you. It will enhance your Mars.  

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Taurus

For Taureans, this Mars transit will happen in the 8th house; hence, they must watch out for their enemies, especially the hidden ones. Mars transit predictions indicate that your enemies might plant ideas to defame you or bring you down. But remember, as long as your intentions are good and you work hard, the Grahas (planets) will protect you. Just be a bit careful!

Remedy - Plant an Indian Lilac in your garden to strengthen your Mars significantly.  

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Gemini  

Mars is in the 7th house of the Gemini natives. When Mars transits in Sagittarius, we strongly recommend that you take good care of your spouse, respect them, love them, and do not take them for granted. Your speech and communication with your partner should be polite and loving. Avoid being rude or selfish to your lover.

Remedy - Make donations to farmers and the military as they represent Mars in society.  

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Cancer  

The Mars transit in Sagittarius 2023 will be in the 6th house; hence, there might be some health-related issues, so you need to look after yourself and follow a healthy diet. Remember, it's always good to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will only help you in the long run!

Remedy - Offer red flowers to an orange idol of Lord Ganesha, as red flowers are for Mars. 

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Leo 

The Mars transit in Sagittarius 2023 will happen in the 5th house for Leo natives. You might feel unlucky, as nothing you do will go your way. You might also lose your sleep over it, but don't worry; it is just a phase with Mars entering Sagittarius. Do your daily prayers. All the rituals, Pujas, and Homas you do now will help you ward off the adverse effects of this planetary position.

Remedy - Put some sweet Batashas in a nearby pond or lake, as this is considered one of the most potent and successful Mars remedies. 

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Virgo  

This Mars transit will happen in the 4th house. The Mars transit predictions indicate that you will excel professionally during this transit. With our highly energized astrological remedies, any pending promotions, salary hikes, or new projects can be yours. Your father will support you and be proud of you. You will have name and fame and the power to make your glory stay for a long time with your hard and smart work.

Remedy - If and whenever you get a chance, opt to live in a joint family, as you will make your Mars stronger by living in a joint family.

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Libra  

This Mars transit will be in the 3rd house for Libra natives, impacting all the opportunities and benefits they enjoy. Overall, this transit will be good for you. This means the universe will open the gates to more and more abundance for you. All the grace and opportunities will knock on your door, and you will enjoy all sorts of benefits. The Mars transit impact on the horoscope will be such that you will be lucky. However, remember to use this grace wisely.

Remedy -  Chant the Mangal Mantra - "Om Bhaum Bhaumaya Namah" 108 times to make your Mars stronger and more beneficial. 

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The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Scorpio 

The 2nd house of Scorpio is where the Mars transit will happen, making it a critical planetary transit for you. During this time, you need to watch out for your expenses. You will be tempted to overspend and burn a hole in your pockets. When Mars transits in Sagittarius, practice being stingy in this phase so that you don't burn all your savings. This is certainly not a good time to invest in foreign lands or apply for any Visas, as you will likely face rejections. It will be better to stay put, lie low, and apply later to get favorable results.

Remedy - Help and support your siblings as they represent the Mangal Graha in your daily life; hence, any support you extend to them will make your Mars powerful. 

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Sagittarius 

This Mars transit in Sagittarius will happen in the 1st house. If your Moon is strong, you will be well balanced; however, on the other hand, if the Moon is afflicted, there will be way too much mental anxiety, and you will be emotionally overwhelmed throughout. You need to be tough and fight your inner demons. Remember, winning internal struggles is not an easy journey, but for the ones who go through with it, a 360-degree life transformation awaits. They become better versions of themselves and become an inspiration for others around them.

Remedy - Visit all the religious places around you as often as you can, as the holy places are Mars significators, and any visit, especially on Tuesdays, is considered auspicious.  

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Capricorn  

The Mars transit in Sagittarius 2023 will happen in the 12th house. Hence, there will be some good news around the corner. Capricorns will spend time with their families. There will be a lot of family dinners and family outings. You will think about all your family members and their needs. You will go out of your way to meet them and to see a beautiful smile on their face.

Remedy - Place a Mangal Yantra in your house. 

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Aquarius 

This Mars transit will take place in the 11th house of Aquarians. The Mars transit impact on horoscope will be such that this planetary position will favor the Aquarius natives. Your siblings will be around you and demand a lot of your time. They will add fun and laughter to your life. Most Aquarians will also pack their bags for short weekend getaways. Don't forget to follow the astrological remedy to improve the time you spend with your family.

Remedy - Donate copper objects to people in need, as copper is the element for Mars. Hence, it will calm down your Mars. 

The Effects of The Mars Transit in Sagittarius on Pisces 

Mars will be in the 10th house for the Pisceans. This Mars transit will suit most Pisceans as property and vehicle purchases will occur. When Mars transit in Sagittarius happens, your mother and the older women of the house will support you immensely, which could be financial support towards buying new assets. Many Pisceans might take up renovating or decorating their homes in a big way. You can add to the positive changes by following the astrological remedy below. 

Remedy - Donate pottery items to those in need as they represent the planet Mars.  

*Note- Remember, these are generalized forecasts for Mars transit in Sagittarius 2023. But, if you are on the quest to know more about the effects of Mars transit and get personalized remedies, consult with Tarot Sonia on Astroyogi.

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