How Can the ‘Mars Transit in Pisces’ Be Your Golden Ticket to Fortune? Read here!

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How Can the ‘Mars Transit in Pisces’ Be Your Golden Ticket to Fortune? Read here!

Mars is the God of war and destruction in Roman mythology. It is a masculine planet, full of vigor, adventure, and passion. The Mars transit in Pisces is predicted to be very favorable. Let's look at it more closely.

Mars will transit in Pisces on 17th May 2022 at 9:52 a.m. and will remain there until 27th June 2022. Major transformations, challenges, and opportunities accompany the transit. According to Vedic astrology, Mars is associated with doctors, butchers, military men, engineers, firefighters, real estate agents, and builders.

Mars will be transiting in Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter. Diplomats and empaths are usually associated with this water sign. This mix of fire and water usually produces explosive outcomes. This makes natives feel a little disoriented since the dominance of Mars prevents them from going with the flow of water or following others, but they also feel a little compressed because they are in this sign.

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Let's look at which zodiac signs should be on the lookout for significant life changes during Mars transit in Pisces 2022. In this article, you'll also find remedies. Let's read on.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Aries

Mars is the ascendant lord of Aries and is currently transiting to the 12th house. The 12th house is associated with spending, overseas travel, losses, and hospitalization.

  • Business: - You will have several international opportunities. During the transit, you will be able to travel abroad for business purposes, which will be helpful to you.
  • Job: - Those who are now employed will get new opportunities. Changing jobs will help you advance in your career.
  • Education: - For individuals who choose to pursue higher education in another country, now is an excellent time to apply and secure a place.
  • Love: - Love relationships will be challenging during this transit. So be cautious.

Remedy - Chant "Vishnu Sahasranamam" daily.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Taurus

Mars is currently transiting in Taurus 11th house. The 11th house represents the realization of our desires.

  • Business: - For those in the business world, now is a good time to invest. Natives will prosper financially during this time.
  • Job: - Those employed will have more opportunities for advancement and salary increments at this time.
  • Education: - Those who study sports or physical education will succeed throughout this period.
  • Love: - This transit will have an impact on your romantic relationship. The fiery personality of Mars will affect the native's connection.

Remedy - Offer orange cloth and a red flag at a Hanuman temple.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Gemini

Mars is transiting in the 10th house in Gemini. The 10th house represents karma.

  • Business: - Those who are in business will have excellent opportunities to expand their operations and gain recognition in social work.
  • Job: - Natives will face competition, and this period is ideal for a career shift.
  • Education: - This is a great time to prepare for competition. During this transit, you will be successful.
  • Love: - If you're in love, be cautious because some arguments may occur during this transit.

Remedy - Chant "Hanuman Chalisa" three times in the evening daily.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Cancer

Mars is the Yoga Karaka planet for Cancer.

  • Business: - Natives’ destiny will flourish throughout this transit. You will get the chance to collaborate with a foreign client.
  • Job: - Those who are employed will feel trapped during this period. It is advised to be patient.
  • Education: - For students, this time is ideal for higher education. They can apply to study abroad.
  • Love: - This period will be pleasing for love connections. However, maintain patience during this transit and avoid arguing with your companion.

Remedy - Offer red masoor dal to the Shivling on Tuesday.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Leo

Mars is aspecting the 2nd house (family), the 11th house (gains), and the 3rd house (siblings, short traveling).

  • Business: - People in business should be cautious. This is not a favorable transit for them.
  • Job: - Job seekers will feel stuck, and those who are employed, on the other hand, will be promoted.
  • Education: - During this transit, the students will not be able to concentrate on their studies. However, if you are studying abroad, this transit will benefit you.
  • Love: - During the transit, the love relationship will be challenging. Natives should be calm and patient while comprehending their partner's feelings.

Remedy - Chant the mantra "Om Ang Angarakaya Namah" 108 times a day.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Virgo

Mars is currently transiting in Virgo's 7th house (relationship, spouse).

  • Business: - People in business will experience unexpected changes in their financial situation. This is not a good time to form a partnership.
  • Job: - For those working at this moment, it is beneficial to their financial progress. Seniors will assist the natives during this transit.
  • Education: - Students can focus on their academics by putting in the effort.
  • Love: - During the transit, your love relationship will improve. However, you may experience unpleasant feelings if your companion does not support you.

Remedy - Donate food to needy people on Tuesday.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Libra

Mars is currently transiting in Libra's 6th house. It will make you feel anxious and affect your marriage and family life.

  • Business: - Your company will expand during this transit. Your projects will be financially successful.
  • Job: - Employed natives will face competition at work, but they will succeed. If they desire to change their careers, they may be able to do so during the transit.
  • Education: - Students preparing for competitions will succeed, but they will have to put in a lot of effort to do so.
  • Love: - Things will go well in your love partnership, but you will be preoccupied with your career throughout this transit and will not devote enough time or attention to your relationship.

Remedy - Donate red cloth and rose flowers to Lord Hanuman.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Scorpio

Mars is transiting in the 5th house (childbirth) for Scorpios. Family growth will occur during this transit.

  • Business: - People in business should be cautious throughout the transit because their money might get stuck . During this period, avoid investing any additional funds.
  • Job: - Those who are employed and wish to change their careers will not be able to do so due to the lack of suitable opportunities. Try to be patient.
  • Education: - This is an excellent time to study abroad, and you can apply for higher education.
  • Love: - During this transit, problems will arise in love relationships. The native should avoid arguments with their lover at all costs; otherwise, their relationship may get affected.

Remedy - Offer Lord Hanuman red Sindoor with Jasmine oil on Thursday.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Sagittarius

Mars transit is not favorable for the native’s married life. In the family, there will be some misunderstandings and fights.

  • Business: - Business will grow during this transit. However, patience is required in a partnership.
  • Job: - Employed professionals will want to change their careers.
  • Education: - If you wish to apply for higher education, this is an incredible moment.
  • Love: - This period is unfavorable for those in a love relationship. So be careful.

Remedy - Take a coconut, tie a red thread around it, and apply a tilak with Jasmine oil and Sindoor to the coconut. Offer the coconut on Tuesday to Lord Hanuman.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Capricorn

Mars is transiting in the 3rd house in Capricorn.

  • Business: - You will have some short business trips during this transit, which will be advantageous. You will prosper financially as a result of your efforts.
  • Job: - During this transit, you will put in a lot of effort at work and be successful. This Mars transit will grant you fame and success.
  • Education: - You will concentrate solely on your studies and win the competition.
  • Love: - It will be easy to maintain a love relationship. During this transit, you will convince your parents to allow you to marry your beloved.

Remedy - Observe fast on Tuesday and don't consume salt.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Aquarius

During this transit, there will be family quarrels over ancestral property. After the family quarrels, you will be of assistance to your siblings.

  • Business: - Those already in business will expand. You may invest for the long term, but be cautious since someone will try to trick you during the transit.
  • Job: - Those employed will have the opportunity to change their careers, but the package will not please them.
  • Education: - Those who are studying will not be able to concentrate. They will experience a great deal of anxiety.
  • Love: - The transit will affect your relationship. So, be cautious.

Remedy - Recite the Lord Shiva mantra 108 times a day.

Impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on Pisces

This time, you'll invest money in your property.

  • Business: - Your business will grow. Don't invest any additional money into your business during this transit.
  • Job: - Those who are working will find this transit to be unfavorable. Workplace pressure and abrupt changes will be detrimental to your health.
  • Education: - You will excel at studying. During this transit, you will give your best in any competition.
  • Love: - The love relationship will go well. There will be no serious concerns, but you must manage your anger and ego.

Remedy - Take a square piece of silver and put it in your wallet.

As a result, we conclude that the Mars transit in Pisces 2022 will be favorable for each zodiac sign. To improve our lives, we must have faith and patience.

Note: These are generalized predictions based on planetary transit. The predictions might differ depending on the person's birth chart.

To discover how this Mars transit in Pisces may affect your life and fortune, contact Astroyogi's Astro Nancy right away!

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