Lunar Eclipse on 26th May 2021- Get A Hold Of Your Emotions

Monday, May 24, 2021

We would be observing a full lunar eclipse on 26th May 2021. This would be the year's first Lunar eclipse, and it would not be visible in India. The eclipse would start at 02:17 PM and end at around 07:19 PM. It would be majorly visible in East Asia, Australia, and the Pacific. 

This Lunar eclipse would be taking place under the full Moon day. The Lunar eclipse occurs when Earth comes in between the orbit of Sun and Moon, and Earth's shadow is cast on the Moon. 

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Astronomically it is a spectacular event in the heavens, and Astrologically there are different implications altogether. Since this eclipse is not visible in India, the Do's and the Don'ts would not be applicable during the eclipse time. But at the same point in time, it should be kept in mind that since it is Sun and Moon into affliction, human life would be influenced somehow. The overall impact increases/decreases if the eclipse is visible.

Astrologically Moon would be placed in Vrishchika/Scorpio sign under Anuradha nakshatra. Scorpio happens to be a sign of debilitation for Moon, so some caution should be practiced in emotion-related matters. 

There can be occasions of pessimism, but you need to avoid it. Since Moon represents Mother, your Mother can likely face some troubles in her personal life, so support her during this tough time. So both, Mind and your Mother would be influenced during this time.

The eclipse may not be visible in India, but the planets under consideration, i.e., Sun and Moon, would be influenced completely, thereby influencing human life. Sun representing Father, authority, boldness, and law enforcing agencies, etc., would get influenced. Individuals with a history of land-related disputes and court cases should maintain utmost patience while dealing with authority. Likewise, law enforcing agencies can reprimand you on small things, so avoid doing something that catches attention.

On this day, there are some more noticeable things, i.e., the conjunction of four planets in Taurus: Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Rahu. The conjunction of four planets in an Earthy sign is not very favorable. Such conjunction can lead to land-related disturbances like tremors/earthquakes. Also, land-related disputes like the one going on between Israel and Palestine can intensify and take an awkward turn. The law and order situation can turn ugly and out of control. 

Likewise, Saturn turning retrograde on 23 May 2021 is not very favorable concerning this eclipse. Saturn is currently placed in Capricorn, and it happens to be an earthy sign like Taurus, and Saturn can further enhance the land-related issues in the world. 

There is a greater need to practice restraint during this time at the individual and country levels. Practicing connection with the Almighty can deliver us out of such potential problems, and maintaining harmony should be the key to future happiness.


Best of Luck

Aacharya Aaditya

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