12 Things Women Love Most About Men

Fri, Sep 09, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Sep 09, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
12 Things Women Love Most About Men

Discover the secret to a woman's heart. Have a look at this guide to know how you can impress the woman of your dreams simply by being yourself in your own unique way!  Take the advice of an experienced astrologer to help you steer in the right path to find the love of your life.

Find out what your guy is missing in you. Who knows, you might just find the key to your woman's heart, again! 

Aries: Women love the youthfulness in an Aries man's attitude. The playful, enthusiastic, bold and impulsive behavior of an Aries man is what makes the girls around him go weak at the knees. His "young" attitude towards anything he does makes him a charmer.

Taurus: The Taurean man's sense of humor is just beyond control; no wonder women love being with him! His classy choice and elegant style is another thing to die for. This guy keeps a "never give up" attitude which eventually makes him a winner; now isn't that a little hard to resist?

Gemini: Women love witty and intellectual men and this is where they find their stop! After knowing him well, a woman finds it quite hard to get over his bright personality and imaginative mind. This guy has his own kind of charm which leaves ladies pushing their limits for him! 

Cancer: The mysteriousness of a Cancerian man attracts ladies a lot. Their calm and quiet nature and seriousness towards family make women think what a gem they’ve got here! His romantic side also leaves women drooling over him! 

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Leo: The commanding masculinity of a Leo makes women desire him and see in him a guy who can easily rule over others. Women find a sexy and charismatic personality in the possessive and overpowering behavior of a Leo.

Virgo: His speaking skills leave women speechless; yes, WOMEN and SPEECHLESS. Such is the magic of a Virgo man! His well-balanced behavior, wit, and perfection calls for a never-ending line of desiring women! 

Libra: Where and how will any woman find such a balanced and organized man? Do we need to say more about why women fall for Libran men? Women find the calm and pleasant nature of this man very charming and hard to find elsewhere.

Scorpio: Very curious, yet always in control; this guy can attract women without even trying! His interest in knowing everything makes women feel important and hence they just don't want him to stop! Of course, his talent behind closed doors is also what makes him highly desirable (wink wink).

Sagittarius: Women love guys who know the rules of flirting and a Sagittarian guy, well, let's just say he masters the skills here! This guy is playful and is always involved with people who interest him. This is what makes him the guy to fight for,

Capricorn: Women just love the intense romance hidden beneath the thick shield of a Capricorn man. This guy doesn't flirt or goof around here and there, he is a totally honest, one-woman man and no girl can overlook this, for isn’t it what every woman looks for in her man?

Aquarius: Having an imaginative mind isn't as unique a quality as the ability to put your imagined ideas into practice. An Aquarian’s ability to do the same leaves women tightening their grips on him! His powerful presence along with flirty charm makes it hard for any woman to get her eyes off him.

Pisces: The depth and purity of a Pisces leaves women spellbound. His selfless heart and romantic gestures work like magic on women. This man's intuitive powers are very strong so once he feels he has a good chance with a lady, he gives in a hundred percent honest effort to make it work! Psst.. quite a lot of ladies know this awesome trait of a Piscean, and might want to grab the deal before you know it!

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