Virgo male Love Relationship with Virgo female

Kundli Matching

Finding compatibility would be hard for a Virgo with Virgo combination as they are like peas of a pod. Remember the adage that like poles repel? Well nowhere does this sound more true than in a case like this. The two partners know each other so well, particularly their faults and foibles, that there seems little chance of forgiving and forgetting here. Both love a battle of the wits and in this case, the opponents are evenly matched. In every battle, each partner would constantly exaggerate the faults of the other. And each would turn on that favourite weapon of Virgo on the other — the weapon of criticism. At the same time, none would make any genuine effort to understand or sympathise with the other`s problems. So, this would be a difficult marriage at best with the possibility of husband and wife blaming or criticising each other to distraction.

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