Virgo male Love Relationship with Gemini female

Kundli Matching

For constant bliss, this is not a good combination. With Mercury ruling both signs, the relationship may prove difficult to pull off over a lifetime. Mercury in the sign of Gemini is calculating and logical, while Mercury in the sign of Virgo is both critical and demanding. Gemini`s ever-present desire for change would not much suit the practical Virgo. One factor for compatibility would be the common desire for good clothes, for cleanliness, and for friends and associates who are engaged in intellectual and artistic pursuits. In fact, many Gemini-Virgo combinations are formed through these channels. You wouldn`t expect much in common here, but being Mercury-ruled, there is a certain similarity in mental stimulation, social drive and business sense. If Virgo can put up with the seemingly hair-brained schemes of Gemini, and if Gemini can deal with Virgo`s critical eye, this one could work.

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