Virgo male Love Relationship with Libra female

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Another couple that will not find it easy to achieve marital bliss is this Virgo with Libra combination, and this has much to do with Virgo`s overcritical nature. This is because if there is one thing that Libra cannot take, it is constant censure. And by now it is known that Virgo is a past master in this area. Also, Virgo is a fussy and methodical kind of person who is very particular about the minor details of all he does. Libra is just his opposite. She is casual in her approach and in fact despises having to look into things and therein lies the root of the problem. This basic conflict of ideas will cause discord soon after the novelty and sexual interest of the marriage is over. There is hope though on one count — Libra`s search for peace and tranquility, balance and harmony is likely to go down well with Virgo who is a perfectionist in his own right. And within the marriage, the two can go about looking for the right kind of harmony. Together.

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