Taurus female Love Relationship with Virgo male

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The Virgo female is neat and ordered to a fault and is put-off by the untidiness of the Taurus man. The aggressive bull-like Taurus man does not like being criticised and the Virgo female would do well to remember this. However, with both of them born under the earth sign, there is much common ground between them. Both of them are blessed with common sense and high moral principles. The Virgo woman admires Taurus` strength of purpose and his enormous patience and his vision. Both of them have been born under the feminine negative earth signs. Which means that both are slightly suspicious, fearful and cautious. Once they overcome their natural reticence and get together, their relationship may turn out to be tranquil. They both enjoy material success and security. However Taurus has a burning desire to visibly prove his success to the world and build lasting empires. Virgos on the other hand have a deep urge to serve the world, mostly by pointing out its faults. The Taurus bull is content to rest on his laurels while Virgo has the constant urge to go around ironing out problems. Though they will have their disagreements, on the whole they will be compatible.

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