Taurus female Love Relationship with Leo male

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Leos are much too self-centred to give the strong, silent Taurus the absolute devotion and obedience they insist on receiving most of the time. Taurus man is much too stubborn to give the vain, proud Leos the unquestioning worship they demand continually. A Leo woman is looking for a man who recognises her as a Queen, who can in addition to cherishing and adoring her provide her with the kind of life she knows she deserves. That is the reason why she feels a little tense and restless if the Taurus man she loves expects her to lead a modest life. Taurean`s biggest talent is looking at the world through practical glasses. He saves both his money and his emotions for a good cause. Although these two sun signs are capable of clashing violently over their differences, if they hang in there until the clouds start showing their silver linings, it could be super. Magnanimous Leo is just what the doctor ordered for the Taurus` love of the finer things in life. As long as Taurus restrains his jealousy and lets the Leo show off a bit, all will be well with this combination. Leo loves to dominate and eventually Taurus, being strong-willed but more patient, will raise the sword if his needs are not met.

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