Taurus female Love Relationship with Aquarius male

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Compatibility and comprehension between these two signs is achieved only by effort. This combination has to overcome many hurdles in its path. The easy-going Taurus finds the unpredictability of the Aquarius too much to handle. Aquarius being vibrant and energetic in nature soon finds the unadventurous behaviour of Taurus getting on her nerves. Both signs are lovers of luxury and the finer things in life but have different views on the ways of obtaining them. Another big irritant for the Taurus lover is the reluctance of Aquarius to share her secrets. The usually demure Taurus will have difficulty understanding the Aquarian unpredictability. Aquarius finds the Taurus attention somewhat stifling and restrictive. A typical Aquarian is not prejudiced in her selection of friends. The Taurus man is generally conventional, his behaviour predictable, and even his worst enemy could never call him eccentric. The Aquarian woman has all the eccentricities of dress and manner. Her sudden mood swings and the surprises she loves to spring can be quite unsettling. Both are good organisers and have a mutual inclination to optimise.

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