Taurus female Love Relationship with Cancer male

Kundli Matching

Usually this makes a good combination. Cancer is home loving and affectionate. This is what every Taurean hopes to find in a partner when undertaking conjugal responsibilities. Considering these mutual interests, the two can have a strong relationship. Cancer girl wants permanence; while the bull will take his own time to decide. However, once committed he will remain fiercely loyal. From an emotional point of view, there is nothing in the stars that bars the prospect of a happy lifelong relationship between these two partners. The one thing the Taurean must remember is that Cancer is exceedingly sensitive, and will crawl into a shell if her emotions have been hurt. This is a good combination as both signs are naturally attracted by the other`s sensitivity for feelings and emotions. Taurus will appreciate Cancer`s inherent caring attitude and Cancer will appreciate Taurus` homley nature. With the refined touch and sincere love of a Taurean man, she will feel warmly desired and loved. The crab girl should adopt a direct and uncomplicated approach when around the bull. Very few star sign combinations can hope for the kind of success a Cancer-Taurus match has.

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