Sagittarius male Love Relationship with Virgo female

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The Sagittarian love of freedom and change may prove too much for the cosmopolitan Virgo nature. The Sagittarius male could easily fall in love with the Virgo female. Her neat and clean ways intrigue him but once he is married to her, he may find that he has got more than he bargained for. Sagittarius finds that the things that he liked most before marriage have now put him into a straight jacket. There`s one thing Sagittarius does not like is constant bickering, and as we know by now, a Virgo will always find plenty to bicker about. The differences here are like day is to night. Virgo has her eye ever on the present, and what needs to be done today, whereas Sagittarius keeps his eye on the future and what he would like to do tomorrow. Not a bad thing at all, except that it is rather difficult to reconcile such conflicting views.

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