Sagittarius male Love Relationship with Aries female

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The third and first signs of the fiery Trinity, Sagittarius and Aries usually make for an ideal partnership. But there are certain aspects that make this partnership difficult over the long term. In spite of that, most of these marriages are usually for a lifetime. The Jupiter-Mars duo seems made for each other. Both are creatures of impulse, and both can pursue outside interests without conflict or friction with the other. The Sagittarius banner is ``liberty and the pursuit of happiness.`` Aries is usually willing to subscribe to this theory and, for this reason, Sagittarius is more than happy with his Aries mate. The Mars-ruled Aries can be hotheaded at times, and although Jupiter child Sagittarius is usually benevolent and generous in his outlook, he too suffers from occasional bouts of irritability. So the key to this relationship really lies in how well these two can balance each other`s moods.

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