Sagittarius male Love Relationship with Libra female

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The Sagittarian philosophy of life may not suit the free and easy-going Libra. This is a good marital combination all the same. Libra will get all the excitement that she wants by marrying a Sagittarian. The only question is, will Libra be able to endure with the Sagittarius partner for life? The Libran love of beauty, luxury and an active social life appeals to Sagittarius. But he will not like to be tied to Libra`s apron strings forever. Sagittarius as a rule, hates bondage and cannot be confined within a relationship for long. So he will use all the means at his command, legal or otherwise, to break through all permanent bonds. Libra`s tactful nature can surface here to create some harmony and balance in the relationship. These two star signs will do very well together if Sagittarius can manage to be around long enough to fulfil Libra`s inherent need for togetherness. Libra too must allow her partner some freedom to pursue his own interests.

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