Sagittarius male Love Relationship with Aquarius female

Kundli Matching

This combination usually has a great chance for success, as the temperaments of both star signs are very similar. This is a combination on a purely social level that will revel in large groups of friends and public-spirited associates. Sagittarius readily understands the moods and peculiarities of his Aquarius mate and makes necessary allowances for the same. He, in turn, expects the same consideration from Aquarius but this may not be forthcoming too often, causing an occasional rift between the two. As both share a common love for change, travel and excitement, this relationship should work well over the long term. Don`t throw away such a good chance for a successful relationship where both partners are quite alike and hold similar values. As mentioned earlier, the need to be outgoing and sociable is inherent in both signs. In addition, both understand the need to let the other be whenever he/she requires some freedom.

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