Libra male Love Relationship with Virgo female

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This is yet another combination that would have trouble finding marital bliss. There is one thing that a Libra male cannot take and that is constant censure and criticism. And we know by now that Virgo is an expert in this department. In addition, Virgo is also a fussy and methodical kind of person who is very particular about the minutest details of anything that she is working on. Libra, on the other hand, is casual and easy-going, and in fact, detests having to go into details. This basic conflict of ideas is bound to cause a storm soon after the novelty of the marriage and the sexual interest has worn off. There is hope though for the relationship, for Libra is always on the lookout for peace and harmony in his relationships. So he is likely to do well with Virgo who is a perfectionist in her own right. As long as Virgo can curb her overcritical nature, these two partners can go about looking for the right kind of balance within their marriage. Together.

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