Libra male Love Relationship with Leo female

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The hale and hearty Leo may prove too loud for the sensitive Libran male. However, the two signs have a lot in common and this could make for a good combination after all. Venus, the ruling lord of Libra, usually forms a strong and luxurious aspect with the sun, the ruling lord of Leo. So there is a lot that is sunny and bright in this relationship. There is a lot of love and affection too. Both signs love to live luxurious lifestyles, are subject to flattery, and are very artistically inclined. But here`s a word of caution: Leo demands constant attention and adulation from her partner which she will get from Libra and yet this is one area that can cause some problems. For Libra too needs some adulation and indeed demands the same from his partner from time to time. And if Leo fails to deliver, as she is often wont to do, on this count, it could lead to some fireworks in the marriage.

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