Libra male Love Relationship with Cancer female

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Cancer is not temperamentally suited to cope with the freedom-loving Libran. They could go on for days without speaking to each other, once they have had a serious disagreement. Libra`s great desire for attention may bring on a period of sulking or depression and this could create a highly tense situation at home. Libra loves justice and fair play, and Cancer has a tendency to exploit these Libran qualities for her own advantage. Ruled by Venus and Moon, respectively, there is much common ground here despite the fact that we have one air sign (Libra) and one water sign (Cancer) to contend with. The sensitive Cancer can rest assured that Libra is peace loving by and large, and won`t stir things up too often. Libra has a loving nature to boot and this should sit well with Cancer. Libra, on the other hand, will appreciate Cancer`s loyalty and generosity. So this relationship is well worth a try.

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