Libra male Love Relationship with Sagittarius female

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The Sagittarian philosophy of life may be too much for the free and easy-going Libra. However, this is a good marital combination. Libra will get all the excitement that he wants by marrying a Sagittarius. But the question waiting to be asked is, will the marriage last? Libra`s love of beauty, luxury and social gatherings appeals to Sagittarius but she cannot remain tied to him forever. Sagittarius hates bondage and cannot be confined for long. She will therefore use all the means at her command, legal or otherwise, to break through the bond at some stage in the relationship. Libra, of course, would be unwilling to let her go and would try his best to hold on to the relationship. Libra will also try to create some harmony in the relationship by using tact and diplomacy, and these two will certainly do well together if Sagittarius can manage to hang around long enough to fulfil Libra`s need for togetherness.

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