Libra female Love Relationship with Virgo male

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This is yet another combination that would have trouble finding marital bliss. The one thing that Libra cannot take is criticism and the Virgo girl happens to be a champion in that department. Virgo is very particular about detail, while Libra is easygoing and detests detail. Librans are gregarious and outgoing, while the average Virgo loves her peace and quiet. The conflict of interest will cause storms soon after the sexual novelty has worn-off. The Virgo woman with her highly developed sense of responsibility and devotion to duty will try hard to instil a bit of maturity in her Libra mate. Virgins especially dislike the Libran indecisiveness and vacillation. When her patience has run thin, she might be tempted to cut the bonds that join them. There is hope though. Libra`s desire for peace and harmony is likely to do well with Virgo who is a perfectionist in her own right. She particularly admires his sense of justice and fairness. Librans also tend to be balanced individuals, which sits well the Virgins. At home or office, Virgo and Libra can combine their auras into an unusually graceful and harmonious atmosphere.

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