Libra female Love Relationship with Libra male

Kundli Matching

Since both these signs are air signs, they need constant verbal expression of ideas and opinions. These two will be unable to avoid periodic long discussions, which grow into serious arguments. With a minimum of effort, this man and woman should be able to achieve a mentally stimulating yet also a peaceful and emotionally secure relationship. Both the Libra woman and man are willing to compromise to establish harmony. They are cooperative in nature, except when they feel a moral or ethical issue is involved. Librans are always verbose when agitated. There are multitudes of subjects that the two Libra lovers can use to bring them closer. Here is a match made in heaven, unless one of them had an incompatible sign rising at birth. They both have basically the same interests and qualities, so there should be a lot of tolerance and understanding in the relationship. Both like to be admired and may cast a roving eye. Each is sympathetic to the other`s motives. They have so much in common and so few negatives against them, this should prove to a harmonious relationship. The biggest problems they may face are the unresolved conflicts, as neither of them may want to bring down the house of cards.

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