Libra female Love Relationship with Pisces male

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It is never easy for the Pisces woman and the Libra man to fall in love. However, once they do, the differences often blend in a surprisingly satisfactory way, benefiting both of them equally. They share common sentiments and are sensitive. There is a mutual appreciation for art and beauty, and everything that is involved with them. Each of them prefers peace and harmony to aggressive behaviour and the strain of controversy. Pisces will be content with Libra`s company, but Libra`s love of social affairs may generate jealousy and disharmony in their intimate life. Libra can get along well with most people but the Piscean is more discriminating, and this is the source of their disagreements. Nothing makes Libra more miserable than a sulky, complaining Pisces. The Piscean woman seeks sympathy wherever it can be found and the cold detached Libran is hard pressed to provide it. She`s so innately sympathetic, and he`s so innately fair, there`s always a way to solve their disagreements. The Pisces woman and the Libra man are both wise, each with a different kind of wisdom. His is acutely intellectual and hers is deeply emotional. It`s a magical alchemy and since they`re both usually willing to compromise, they can make each other happy.

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