Libra female Love Relationship with Sagittarius male

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Easy-going Libra finds it difficult to cope with Sagittarius` philosophy of life. However, this is a good marital combination. They make a lively, irresistible team. They`ll be good friends, as well as lovers. Similar goals and sympathies, common ideals and the need for change and excitement are what that drew them together in the first place. Their strong friendship creates a great deal of true affection between them, making their physical union a happy kind of sharing. Libra will get all the excitement he wants if he marries a Sagittarius girl. Though his endurance may not be able to last the long haul with a Sagittarius partner. The Libran love of beauty, luxury and social whirl appeals to Sagittarius, but she will not be tied down. Sagittarius loves her freedom and will not tolerate bondage, and will use all the means at her disposal to break the bonds. Again we have the tactful Libra nature surfacing to create some harmony in the relationship. Sagittarius and Libra would never run short of opportunities for happiness together, if only Sagittarius would be less blunt and would be around to fulfill Libra`s need for togetherness and if only Libra would stop mulling over every decision. Then they could both be cosily and creatively compatible.

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