Gemini male Love Relationship with Pisces female

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The freedom of Gemini is at stake if he marries a Piscean. He must be prepared to give up all outside interests and devote all of his time and thought to his Pisces mate. Or else, there could be chaos. The sensitive and distrustful Piscean nature will, no doubt, prove cumbersome for the freedom-loving Gemini. But Gemini must be prepared to change his ways almost completely if he wants to seek home and happiness with a loving, possessive and clinging Pisces. Quite a tall order for a sign whose ruling planet is Mercury, the ever-changing one. But then love settles all, especially when the object of that love happens to be the gentle, delicate Piscean girl. People born under both these signs are usually ``live and let live`` types, but it`s a bit of a stretch here. Gemini seems always on the go - active, pot-stirring and mentally stimulated. Pisces, on the other hand, is intuitive, dreamy, sensitive and emotion-driven. But one could give the relationship a try.

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