Gemini male Love Relationship with Aries female

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This combination sometimes leads to a great deal of bickering because of strong differences over sex. Gemini is a mercurial sign where the mind plays an important part in all lovemaking. On the other hand, the emotional Aries brings her heart into play in matters physical, and this is something the conventional nature of the Gemini rebels against. All in all, the Gemini male respects the refined, intellectual approach to continual bliss. Impatient Aries may find this frustrating, and may try to find a less difficult companion after a while. Not a great match, but it can work with understanding and effort. As with any relationship, love truly conquers all. Gemini, after all, may end up being the ``reality check`` Aries needs so badly to calm down. It should not be construed that Aries is a monster. She in fact has many fantastic qualities! But the Aries energy level is so high that at times it may tire out Gemini in just trying to keep up.

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