Gemini male Love Relationship with Leo female

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While Gemini loves with his mind, the heart comes first for Leo. This combination will discover soon enough that they are unsuited for each other. On the surface, there is great mutual attraction. Both signs are extroverted and sociable by nature. Both are naturally attracted to glamour, flattery and the world of friendships, so this is something they can enjoy together. But after they return home from the party, the carefree, passionate Leo will start clashing with the unreasonable Gemini. Of course, Gemini will complain in turn, that his Leo mate is too materialistic, possessive and demanding. Not the best way to end a happy evening, don`t you agree? There is good reason to be optimistic about this pairing though, despite the odds, provided Leo understands that Gemini won`t always be around to give her the attention that she thrives on. Gemini too will need to understand Leo`s urge to run the world. So one can try to make something out of the air-fire duo after all!

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