Aries female Love Relationship with Pisces male

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Pisces and Aries are basically quite different but their common interests may be enough to attract them in the beginning. Pisces` sentimental nature finds little comfort in the aggressive Aries. Pisces are romantic and they desire the delicate approach that Ariens lack. A Piscean woman is a superb listener and also beautifully humble and sympathetic. Even when she feels that her individuality is being trampled upon by the dominant ego of an Aries man, she does not protest loudly. The Aries man is more thoughtless than selfish. He never intends to be cruel or unfeeling. He is in fact sentimental, kind-hearted, big-hearted and fiercely loyal in love. But the passivity of the Pisces woman cannot only encourage his unintended selfishness and chauvinism, it can blind him to any hurt he`s inflicted on her. If he realises it, he will apologise profusely. Unless the Arien mate is willing to take a trip to the clouds now and then, the partnership will prove incompatible. With Pisces and Aries, the differences don`t matter, but what matters is what they have in common and that is - the fear of being hurt. Her vulnerability is easily perceptible while his may be disguised by bravery and brashness, but it`s real and just as painful as hers is.

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