Aquarius female Love Relationship with Taurus male

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This combination may be headed towards difficulties. The Aquarian being unpredictable may prove too much for the easy-going and staid nature of his Taurus partner. Aquarians are always looking for change and this often frightens the bull girl who finds change frightening. The Aquarian, is essentially an eccentric genius concerned with the problems of the world. The bull, being immensely practical and down to earth, is more concerned with the mundane and routine aspects of life. The frivolity and worldliness of the Aquarian may soon get on her nerves. Both love ease and comfort but their views on how to obtain them are very different. Aquarius` unwillingness to share his secrets with her may be a source of irritation for Taurus. These two live on opposite sides of the planet. In fact sometimes, Taurus will wonder if Aquarius is really from the same planet. The usually staid Taurus will have difficulty understanding the Aquarian unpredictability. Aquarius will find Taurus` attention somewhat smothering and restrictive. But if they are patient with each other, they can make it work. Love is a four-letter word with infinite power.

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