Aquarius female Love Relationship with Sagittarius male

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This combination usually has a great chance for success. The Aquarius man is besotted by the obvious lack of pretentiousness of the Sagittarius woman. Her open, friendly manner as well as her integrity genuinely impresses him. Both have similar temperaments. There will be moments when his irrational anger will strike like a lightening bolt out of the blue and there will be other moments when her Jupiter temper will swell into a fury. This combination is totally a social one that will revel in large groups of friends and benevolent associates. The Sagittarius girl readily understands the moods and peculiarities of the Aquarius, and will make necessary allowances; the Sagittarian would appreciate and expect the same from the Aquarius. Both love change, travel and excitement, so this should work out very well. There is a very good chance of a successful relationship. Many of your values are alike and your need to be outgoing and sociable is inherent in both of you. You both understand the need to let the other have some personal space, when it is needed. The two signs vibrate together excitingly, as fire and air signs together generate sparks of ideas, and at times blunting each other`s edges - a bit baffling for the rest of us.

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