Aquarius female Love Relationship with Aries male

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While the unpredictability of the Aquarian may tax an Arien mate`s patience, the instability and thoughtlessness of the Arien will only bring good will and self-sacrifice. But the Arien should take care not to provoke his Aquarian mate too much as it may make him stubborn. Such are the bones of contention here that it makes this partnership a gamble, making harmony between the two almost impossible. The planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius, is unpredictable in its actions; Aquarians therefore have a tendency to procrastinate too much to please the Arien, with her aggressive go-getting characteristics. Aquarius man can be sweet, tender and funny but he can be cold and heartless as well, not the kind of traits the open-hearted, sensitive Aries would approve of. This could possibly be a good relationship, but it will require a constructive attitude from both partners. While Aries likes to lead, Aquarius refuses to follow. Both signs are powerful and have independent natures, but at times Aquarius` fondness for springing surprises may test Aries` patience. Aries is also irritated by his aloofness.

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