Aries female Love Relationship with Capricorn male

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Capricorn females are basically shy and insecure. She is traditionally laid-back, easy-going and usually very patient. Impulsive Aries are too impatient to cope with the slow, methodical plodding of the Capricorn nature. The Capricorn goat will butt against the Martian will and an impasse is bound to occur. Apart from their sex life where there is an affinity, their inherent personalities clash. Aries is fiery and energetic in nature while Capricorn is more down to earth, cautious and reserved. The relationship between Capricorn and Aries is a combination of a fire sign with an earth sign. Aries prefers to take action and initiate things while Capricorn would rather plan and wait. Capricorn is passive and slightly detached, while Arian man will be passionate and brisk. A great deal of tolerance is required for the success of this union. Adjustment and compromise are the keywords if Capricorn woman wants to have a smooth relationship with her Arien man. However, the basic differences of nature cannot be overcome altogether.

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