Aries female Love Relationship with Aries male

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If one of the partners submits to the other, there should be much compatibility between two persons born under the fire sign. There will be no personality clashes and a sympathetic understanding regarding the qualities and shortcomings of the other will foster. Sexual relationship between the two will be full of passion, making it an experience to cherish. It would seldom be a peaceful or quiet relationship, except when Aries likes to rest and recharge her batteries in solitude, from time to time. Hopefully both would choose the same time. However, a note of warning should be sounded here. Aries woman would find her male counterpart more bossy. If both Aries have dominant and forceful aspects in their horoscopes, conflicts will arise. Both the partners would like to lead and this could be extremely problematic. There are many instances of this combination lasting a lifetime, but separations are all too common and can be rather violent and heart breaking. The possible battles following a separation could be legendary! Although Aries-Aries is a high-risk venture, the rewards can be high too, and if these two do it just right, their relationship will be the most exciting adventure in their lives.

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