Aries female Love Relationship with Taurus male

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From a purely physical standpoint, this appears to be a compatible combination. Due to tendencies of jealousy and stubbornness, there could be trouble on the mental plane. One mate or the other must be willing to give way when tempers flare and accusations fly, or else, serious difficulties could arise and mar the nuptial bliss. Their staid natures, highly developed sense of responsibility, mutual love of nature, etc. create some common ground between them. There are seldom any serious disagreements in the area of sexual union, except when one of the two is angry about something. Another point in their favour is that both understand the little quirks of the other, and if deeply in love, they will readily forgive each other. However, the only problem can be the periods of blind fury, which occur every once in a while, when bulls are really aroused. Then the other should tiptoe around the aroused partner. This can be a very stable relationship, in fact so stable that it could become stale. However, this stability is central to Taurus` needs and if you can do without adventure and change, then this is your ticket.

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