Gemini Tarot 2022

Geminis, 2022 will be a mixed bag year for you, with some good and some not-so-good news. The upcoming year 2022 will be quite a balanced year for you. The year will offer you different colors and dimensions.

Few things to keep in mind- 

  • You will get a lot of variety in every field of your life and multiple options to choose from. 
  • Right decisions at the right time are what will make or break you.
  • At work, things will be great. However, you need to focus on your relationships with your management and work on perception management. 
  • Relationships will be handled well, and you will have enough reasons to be happy in your personal life. 
  • Health will not be a cause of worry. However, you can always work on it to improve it further and enhance things for you. 
  • You will have different experiences throughout the year, and you shall undoubtedly make memories. 

Geminis, have a fantastic 2022! If you are looking for exclusive and comprehensive guidance, reach out to Astroyogi. 

Gemini Career And Finance Tarot Predictions 2022

Geminis, you need to work on your focus and concentration at work this year. Be very selective in your professional life as it will translate to your career growth. There will be many temptations in the office, but indulgence in them will only bring you a bad name and spoil your long-term promotions and career options. Do not involve yourself in any office romance. Remember there are enough fish in the sea and the entire playground is available to play, but outside the work premises. So at your workplace, it should be about work, work, and only work. There are also foreign settlements on the cards for a few. If you have applied for some PR or Visa, you might have a golden chance to get it. If you have not applied yet but have a keen interest, then what are you waiting for? Apply for it!  
Do not be in haste in 2022 and take all your decisions at work after detailed research and introspection to implement and execute the plan. Things are no longer in your control, and you have to act and look mature and responsible. Work on your relationship with your bosses, higher management people, and how you are perceived at work. Your perception and image that you carry socially are very critical and can impact your appraisal. 

Gemini Love And Relationships Tarot Predictions 2022

Having more than one of anything is an excellent idea but only in terms of numbers or business. It is better to be honest and transparent in your personal life when it comes to your relationships. We are not saying this from a place of moral policing, advising monogamy, or judging polygamy as to each their own. However, if you are in a monogamous long-term committed relationship, it gives you a psychological balance and well-being like nothing else. It also keeps your energies or Urja intact. Remember you are sharing your Karmic account with your partner every time you get intimate. So, remember that sharing your Karmas and energies with everyone isn't a good idea. 

Be choosy and highly selective as to whom you select or make your partner. Married Geminis will experience many romantic moments with their spouse, and overall satisfaction in the marriage will be high.

Gemini Health Tarot Predictions 2022

God has been very kind to you in this department, and the divine is blessing you with excellent health all year along. Just do not get overconfident and always try to create a balance in everything that you do. However, look out for your parents' health as that might be an area of concern this year. Wearing clothes as per Color Therapy and different days of the week will go a long way for you. Therefore, design your wardrobe accordingly. So, get ready for some shopping! 

You can wear whites on Mondays, on Tuesdays, go for orange, Wednesday go for green color, and Thursday is yellow. On Fridays, wear whites, followed by black for Saturdays, and finally red for Sundays. This Color Therapy dressing will give you an overall balance in life and keep your body's Chakras healthy and happy.  

Tarot Tips for 2022

  • Lucky Color-  Green
  • Lucky Crystal-  Green Jade
  • Remedies -  Meditate on Anahata or Heart Chakra regularly.
✍️ By- Tarot Pooja

Remember, these are generalized predictions only. Connect with Tarot Pooja for comprehensive and personalized predictions and remedies!

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