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Astroyogi’s annual Tarot Reading 2022 takes you through the predictions of your love, career, health, finance and relationships. Read on to know what the cards have in store for you.

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The year 2022 adds up to number 6, which is for Venus or Shukra that blesses us with all the luxuries in life. This number is also associated with Fine Arts. Hence, 2022 will be exceptionally great for our media, television, movie, and advertising industries. Whether it is Netflix and YouTube or the modeling and printing industries, all will do well. Online work and offshore businesses will flourish more. People and societies will move from a 'materialistic' lifestyle to a more family-oriented and inward approach. Individuals and families will invest more in their health, happiness, and spiritual growth leading to emotional and mental well-being. We will also face some enormous challenges due to us abusing Mother Earth for ages. So it is payback time indeed! However, a mother's punishment is ultimately for a child's long-term well-being; this is what Mother Earth's punishment will be for us. We will get the opportunity to introspect and reflect upon bigger things in life and come out with flying colors. Resources, in general, will become limited, which might cause some unrest and anxiety in society. However, those who keep themselves balanced with the help of daily spiritual activities and techniques of esoteric sciences shall sail through any challenging times.

Planet Earth will be going through some significant energy shifts and transformations as we will be evolving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension planet, and hence in the process, we will lose some and win some. But, in the end, everything will unfold the way it is supposed to be, and there will be a happy ending!

Global Economy And India’s Financial Health-

The upcoming year 2022 will take India to new heights and place it even higher on the world map in terms of economy and growth. Once again, we will be called Sone Ke Chidiya, and the entire world will look up to us with respect and appreciation.

Stock Market-

The stock market index will go up! Of course, there will be multiple highs and lows, and some very random ones. People might find it hard to make decisions as consistency might lack. However, even with frequent falls, the Stock Market will go up, and the year closing will be on a happy note. Investing in good stocks can be beneficial for you in the long run, so make sure to do a proper market survey. Remember to avoid intraday or daily trading unless you are a professional, as not everyone is good at it. This is a good time for people who believe in making long-term investments. So buy and forget!

Gold, Silver, And Other Metals -

Metals will be volatile, with highs and lows happening all the time. However, overall it will undoubtedly be favorable. It would be a great idea to consult with an expert and chart out a proper plan and an investment portfolio with different levels of risks and ROI (Return On Investment) involved. No two people will have the same investment portfolio as we all have different incomes, ancestral property, liability, financial needs, future goals, etc. Remember, when it comes to the game of investment, it's not about how much you invest, but it's more about how, where, and when you invest.

Cryptocurrency -

Crypto is the future of finances! Post RBI greenlighting trading in cryptocurrencies, now is the time for you to build your personal portfolio and buy some coins, including Bitcoin, Ethreum, etc. Crypto is here now and here to stay for long. In India, it's still not being used for day-to-day expenses, but you will be paying for your groceries through crypto in the coming years, just like you do with Paytm, Google pay, UPI, etc. There are hundreds of coins that you can choose from. Wise decision-making will make a pauper a prince and a prince a KING! But remember, it should not be out of FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out!

2022 Aries Tarot Predictions

Lots of moolah and fantastic career opportunities will be opening up for you, dear Ariens, in the upcoming year 2022. All you have to do is be open and receptive to the New Grace and the opportunities coming your way. Also, make sure that you make the right decisions at the right time and do not just keep  Read More...

2022 Taurus Tarot Predictions

The year 2022 will be quite remarkable for you, Taureans. You will remember this year for a long time.  Few things to keep in mind-  You might have ups and downs in terms of your finances. Some money or property might get  Read More...

2022 Gemini Tarot Predictions

Geminis, 2022 will be a mixed bag year for you, with some good and some not-so-good news. The upcoming year 2022 will be quite a balanced year for you. The year will offer you different colors and dimensions. Few things to keep in mind-  You will get a lot of variety in every field  Read More...

2022 Cancer Tarot Predictions

The upcoming year 2022 is undoubtedly yours, Cancerians. There are long-awaited promotions, job changes, relocation to a new city or country, a new home, and maybe a new love relationship are on the cards. The ball is set to roll, and you will be going through many changes and positive developments, so  Read More...

2022 Leo Tarot Predictions

The year 2022 will come with both some salt and some sugar for Leos.  You will get lots of praise and love wherever you go throughout the year.  You will be like a love magnet attracting  Read More...

2022 Virgo Tarot Predictions

Virgos, you will be the Kings and Queens of 2022, especially if you are associated with the field of Fine Arts or Media.  Few things to keep in mind-  All the artists will do well. Even entrepreneurs who think and offer innovative  Read More...

2022 Libra Tarot Predictions

Brainstorming, planning, and then executing and implementing are the keys for all Librans in the upcoming year, 2022, and even the first half of 2023.  Few things to keep in mind-  You have all the necessary skills and potential to  Read More...

2022 Scorpio Tarot Predictions

People whose zodiac sign is Scorpio will rule the upcoming year 2022 for sure.  Few things to keep in mind-  Keep the office politics in check and under control.  Doing Yoga and  Read More...

2022 Sagittarius Tarot Predictions

Sagittarians are on a roll in the year 2022!  Few things to keep in mind-  All the aspects of your life are taken care of and are balanced.  Your career will certainly be  Read More...

2022 Capricorn Tarot Predictions

2022 is going to be an excellent year for you! Few things to keep in mind-  You need to learn and implement the Karmic Calculations now and live each day of your life as if there is no tomorrow. Be in the here and the now. Your career will be progressing, and so will  Read More...

2022 Aquarius Tarot Predictions

People born under the Aquarius sign will be traveling in 2022 multiple times or for a long duration.  Few things to keep in mind-  Your job assignments are bound to take you to locations near water bodies and even foreign lands if you  Read More...

2022 Pisces Tarot Predictions

Pisceans, in 2022, will have to love themselves more than they love anyone else. Yes, it's all about self-love this year. Few things to keep in mind-  If you want to run the race for a long time and achieve every milestone on your way,  Read More...

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