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Astroyogi's annual Tarot Reading 2023 takes you through your love and relationships, career, health, and finance predictions. Read to find out what the cards have in store for you and your future!

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The year 2023 adds up to Number 7, which is for Ketu, and as per our Vedas and Upanishad, Ketu is also known as the Dragon Tail or Neptune. This planet is extremely significant in our lives. It is deeply studied even in Vedic Astrology and Ank Shastra or Numerology.

The year 2023 will be a very strong and eventful year for all of us both in terms of our professional lives or career, as Ketu gives both name and fame in career. At the same time, it will boost our inner world or spirituality as Ketu is also the significator of occult sciences and mysticism. Hence, people in general or the masses will become more career-oriented and will work with more focus, dedication, and zeal. At the same time, they will look beyond materialism and hence would find a keen interest in meditation, yoga, and home life.

Ketu signifies several different professions like our police forces, army, etc.; hence our security and armed forces will play an important role in 2023. This might mean there are chances of global unrest, or a crisis like World War III might emerge, wherein India will have to get involved directly or indirectly.

Neptune is also the karaka for aggression, wars, and conflicts; hence, again, this points toward international unrest in the world. Ketu is also the Lord of three Nakshatras- Ashwini, Magha, and Mula and therefore, it stands for Moksha, Sannyyas, and self-realization.

So 2023 will change the world like never before, and everything will happen to the extreme! However, we've got you covered with your yearly total Tarot prediction for the upcoming year 2023, that'll help you make all the major decisions in your life.

Time to buckle up for a fast ride in the year 2023!

Global Economy And India’s Financial Health-

The years 2022 to 2025 will be transformative for India to the extent that our country will again be called the Sone Ki Chidiya. Globally, there will be a lot of unrest, market fluctuations, etc., as the Tarot yearly prediction 2023 suggests. However, India shall emerge as a superpower and peace ambassador. The world will look towards India for its values, skills, and influence. We will set examples for the other developed countries, and they will turn to us for higher education, research work, and revised policies. Yes, inflation will go up, but eventually, it will bring overall growth. Internet, globalization, and more employment will lead to better living conditions and increased abundance in society.

Other countries will draft new policies to attract and enhance their businesses with us. More and more people will start businesses and leave jobs to become entrepreneurs during this fruitful year. Quality of life will also improve, and many people will travel and indulge in other forms of entertainment with their family and friends.

Investments And Stocks

In the year 2023, Sensex and other investment options like metals, crypto, and real estate will go haywire. Nothing will show consistency, and there will be abrupt highs and lows. Therefore it will not be a market for the faint-hearted. Only if you are willing to take risks, and that too with the extra cushion money that you have, which does not affect your household, should you proceed; otherwise, it will stress you out.

No matter how much research you put into it and how many years of experience you carry on your shoulders, there will be no success mantra or tip that can salvage the risks associated with investments this year, reveals Tarot 2023. The market will swing from the highs and the lows; however, long-term investments will reap fruits you can enjoy in the future. The best advice is to plan everything for the long haul and consult your spiritual mentor or Guru about your specific personalized portfolio. They can be instrumental in making you prosper by helping and guiding you with step-by-step processes and helping you have a smooth journey while you try to ace your portfolio management.

Make sure to have portfolio management done with short-term, mid-term, and long-term investments, all covered systematically, as per Tarot 2023 predictions. Do not invest, and do not dissolve any big investments all of a sudden. It is advisable to follow the step-by-step process.

So, instead of one big withdrawal or deposit, try to fragment it into multiple small installments to cover the risk. This is known as Smart Investment.

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