2018 Numerology Predictions

2018 Numerology Predictions

Astroyogi brings 2018 numerology predictions for our esteemed readers. These predictions are provided by expert numerologists of Astroyogi. Read on to find your numerology reading for 2018 based on your personality number.

The coming year 2018, gives us the Universal number 2. This number is obtained by adding the digits of the year-2+0+1+8=11=2

Universal number 2 predicts a fantastic year full of hope and promise. It could mark a positive change in our lifestyle, our attitude, our thoughts and maybe our ways of working..

So, we can look forward to the coming year with a positive outlook, it could change your life for the better. The numerology predictions for 2018 by Astroyogi will provide you with insights about your future. Your destiny would start manifesting as you engage with the cosmos with your actions and emotions in different scenarios which life would bring on. Numerology predictions given below provide you guidance and clarity about what life would bring on in 2018.

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for Ruling Number 1

2018 would bring in many new changes in your life, these changes will be mainly on the career front. They might be in the form of a job change or new responsibilities. You shall also face negative challenges on your path to success. However, you will overcome these challenges with much ease. This year you would be more inclined towards spirituality and 2018 will make you a more enlightened person for sure. You need to make sure that whatever goals you set for the New Year should be realistic and practical. You will have the support and favour of luck, so all you need to achieve these targets is conviction and determination. Do work on it.You will achieve success in most things you take up this year. Do look out for a new job or proposition - it’s just waiting to be picked up.

for Ruling Number 2

Those having Personal Year Number 2 in 2018 will have a favourable year. 2018 is a year where you will achieve your goals. However, to achieve those goals, you will have to maximize their potential. You will Make new friends and extend your social circle this year. However, don’t neglect your old friendships and give them time and company when they require it. Singles may find new love and will be really happy with the newly forged relationship. However, you need to be careful that this relationship does not take a toll on your career or business. Most importantly, challenges are bound to come your way. You need to stay poised for them and beat them with determination and persistence. You would achieve a lot this year, but it won’t be a cakewalk.

for Ruling Number 3

Nothing and no one can stop you from being successful in 2018. Your luck will play a great part in making you invincible this year. It is going to be entirely up to you how you use this lucky time period to your advantage. Do make a mental note of this – to not waste your energy on unnecessary activities or worthless relationships. You would be very feeling very active and energetic this year. Use this surplus energy to invest in indulging or picking up some old hobby of yours that you only dreamt of doing some time in your life. 2018 is that time. In your work too, you will be guided by your sixth sense. A lot of personal transformations will be required this year. Hence, you need to use your skills and talents to the fullest.

for Ruling Number 4

It would take some diligence and determination for you to be successful in 2018. You need to constantly update and improve your skillsets to stay ahead in the competition. You will be bestowed with the energy to stick to your plans, but remember a strong and determined mind is the driving factor behind any successful man. You need to have absolute clarity on what you should achieve this year and then continuously strive for it, should not leave any stone unturned for achieving what you want. Not only do you need to concentrate on your job at hand, you need to give equal importance to your health this year. You need to start exercising, if not doing already.

for Ruling Number 5

You are going to enjoy a peaceful and happy life in 2018 if your personality number is 5. You may have to adapt to many new situations which will arise this year. So versatility is the key to happiness this year. These changes will affect your life for the better if chosen wisely. The big advantage for you this year is that you have a choice not to reach these crossroads. You can make your own adjustments along the way. Just keep updating your knowledge and concentrate on your career. Work hard to achieve your goals—and you will reach there for sure. Don’t get carried away by your busy schedule, make it a point that you balance your personal life and work life properly because your negligence may hurt the ones who are very close to you.

for Ruling Number 6

2018 will be a year of socialising and celebrating for you. You will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of social gatherings and family functions which you will be attending in 2018. You should learn to fit into these social gatherings. You may feel like being distant and cold at times but being a misfit in these social gatherings and functions will not help you on the personal front. On the home front, you may feel the pinch of too many responsibilities. There could be many celebrations in the family of which you would be an integral part. Enjoy it. Romantically, this year could be great for you. If you have someone in mind and are shy to express yourself, take the bull by the horns and go right ahead.

for Ruling Number 7

Those with Personality Number 7 will invest a lot of time and efforts into personal development in 2018. You should also make it a point that you give enough time and space to your near and dear ones this year. Don’t get too much carried away by the busy schedule, a healthy balance of work and personal life should always be maintained. You will be able to achieve your goals and aspirations due to your sheer determination and consistent efforts. You will do great. Get rid of your doubts and questions that perpetually bother you. You will find yourself involved in enjoyable creative activities that will relax you and make you a happier person in 2018.

for Ruling Number 8

You will have to definitely put in more efforts in 2018 to achieve your goals. There would be very less time for relaxing this year as the competition on work front will get tougher. It is time to get into serious business. Eventually, you shall have great developments and grow as a person. The efforts you have put in the last years shall be determined this year. The amount of work you put in this year, coupled with last year’s effort will really be in your favour in 2018. And those who were already doing well last year will do even better this year. So, take advantage of the Personal Year Number 8 and nail it.

for Ruling Number 9

In Numerology, the 9-year cycle repeats itself with 9 as the end of the cycle. So, those who have number 9 as their Personal Year Number, need to recall the previous year’s achievements and now give back to society what you earned from it. You may contribute a chunk of your earnings to charity or humanitarian activities. This is a way of sharing what you have achieved with those less fortunate. You can sit back and ruminate on the past mistakes and missed achievements and plan accordingly for the future. This year looks better than the previous years in planning and achieving your goals. Your friends could be of great help to you.

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