2021 Numerology Predictions

2021 Numerology Predictions

The upcoming year 2021, will be an excellent year for all of us. The total of 2021 adds up to be Number 5. 5 is a Mercury number and will give us great respite after 2020, the Rahu year, which brought struggles at the global level. This year will be more like a recovery year for all of us.

Mercury is a flexible and fast-moving planet, and hence we will see the Travel and Hospitality industry do exceptionally well. More so because people will be looking forward to getting out of their homes after the pandemic and would like to take multiple trips. Mercury is a planet for travel, so more and more people will travel this year - some solo, some with families, and some with friends. A lot of people can even change their house, relocate to different locations.

As Mercury is silver in colour, we will see silver, steel, and gold prices go up. This means that you can invest in them accordingly. Stock Market Index will also go up. However, as Mercury is not stable, the markets will fluctuate and have ups and downs.

In addition to the Travel and Hospitality industry, it will be a good year for Transport, Technology, Electronics, Pharma, and Insurance. If you are employed or have a business in one of these areas, you will be making money for sure. As Mercury is for knowledge and wisdom, it will be a beneficial year for the Teaching and Training industry, occult sciences, astrologers, etc.

The following year will be even better as 2022 will add up to Number 6, which is for Venus. Venus stands for Luxury and, so as per my predictions in the next two years India will once again be called "Sone Ki Chidiya". On this positive note, let's find out how the upcoming year 2021 will impact each one of us as per our Date Of Birth.

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Number 1 -(People born on 1, 19, 28) Number For Sun

For people with Number 1, this will be a good year for you as the Sun is like the father and Mercury is like the Prince. So the father will always guide, support, protect, and love his Prince. Hence this year will be a golden period for you. 

Career & Finance -
For people with Number 1, the year 2021 looks very promising in terms of your career and finance. Promotions, salary hikes, and new projects will come your way. If you are looking for a new job or planning to set up a new business, it will surely happen this year. You will begin the new year with some great news in January. From January through March, you will be juggling various tasks at work. Quarter two with April, May, June might have some rough patches. However, by Quarter three (July, August, September), things will start to fall into place due to your focus and determination. After that, the year 2021 will end with an overall rise in your lifestyle.  

Love & Relationships
People with Number 1 will be calling the shots in their relationship and leading it this year. From January, you will be spending more time with your loved ones, and by April, you will enjoy harmonious relationships in your life. Single people will have proposals to consider, which can transform into a higher commitment of marriage. By July, Cupid will bless you as your relationship at home and with close friends will be at its best. However, towards September, you need to be a little careful and avoid any adulterous behaviour as it might backfire. Overall, 2021 will be a good year in terms of relationships.

Some ups and downs can be seen this year in terms of health for you. Start of the year, there might be some cause for concern, but by April, you will enjoy better health once again, and the temporary bumps will pass. By July, some stress and anxiety can cause acidity issues, so learn to take things easy and relax. October onwards is an excellent time to begin a weight loss program or work on your appearance for a changeover. Overall, take care of your diet and maintain a regular exercise regime along with some meditation.  

Individuals who have Number 1 should offer water to Lord Suryadev daily. People have been worshiping the Sun God since ancient times to receive grace. 

Lucky Crystal - Citrine 
Lucky Color - Orange
Donations - Donating rice this year will bring you prosperity. 
Mantra Chanting - Om Mani Padme Hum. 

Number 2 -(People born on 2, 11, 20) Number For Moon

For individuals with Number 2, this year is going to be a phenomenal year. If Mercury is like a prince, Moon is like a mother. So what happens when a prince or son comes to his mother - he is looked after very well. One can say pampered even.  

Career & Finance
The new year begins with some financial Gains. By the second quarter, i.e., around April, you may invest in your spouse's name for much higher gains. This year will bring you much more than you can even handle, so be prepared to receive the Grace. Be mentally prepared to receive the shower of abundance when it pours. 

Love & Relationships
Number 2s relationships can take them for a ride this year. As Moon is associated with feelings and emotions, make sure you do not allow your relationship status or quality of your relationship to affect your mental and emotional health. 

From January till March, you will see a lot of passion and commitment in your love life. Single people may get engaged. Those who are already in a relationship will experience higher levels of bonding or romance in their lives. Around April, Number 2s will need to be careful of a manipulative partner and think properly about what is right for them. Towards the end of the year, either you will leave the exploitative partner or learn how to handle them strategically. Overall, you will experience calmness, harmony, and passion in your relationships. 

The first half of the year will look a little challenging for your health, so look after yourself better so that there are no surprises. This will be only a temporary phase, and by the mid of the year, your health will get balanced. Also, avoid a lot of junk food and try to join some Yoga or Reiki classes.  

Remedies - Prepare rice pudding or kheer with your own hands and distribute it to people on Mondays.

Lucky Crystal - Moon Stone 
Lucky Color - White 
Donations - Donate sugar to the needy to add more sweetness to your life.
Mantra Chanting - Om Namah Shivay

Number 3 -(People born on 3, 12, 21,30) Number For Jupiter

This year will be a transformative year for everyone whose number is 3. It will be full of growth. Jupiter is like a Guru or a teacher. As Mercury is like the Prince, when the Guru will meet the Prince, the Guru will treat the Prince as their student and start teaching them great lessons. Similarly, this year will teach you a lot and will truly expand your horizons in every sense. 

Career & Finance
The year will begin with new opportunities at work. Whatever you lay your hands on will be successful. Like the Midas Touch, anything and everything that you will touch will become gold. This will be one of the best periods of your life in terms of career and finance. By the mid-year, towards June, Jupiter would have taught you many lessons and expect you to act with maturity. You might have to go through some situations which will test your reactions and judgements. If you use the knowledge and wisdom you have learnt, you will go to newer heights you never imagined. However, if you do not use wisdom and react like your old ways and stick to your old habits, you might have to face some financial challenges by the end of the year. Therefore we recommend that you implement whatever you learn. Overall, you will enjoy a fantastic year in terms of money, name, and fame. 

Love & Relationships -
In terms of relationships, the starting of the year might not be that lucky for you as you and your close ones might fight with one another or bargain over space. However, if you work a little bit on yourself and focus a bit more on the family front by the middle of the year, things will improve. After October, your golden period will begin in terms of love and relationships. Some of the Number 3s, especially women, can get married as well. Also, it's all about balance. Hence, do not overindulge in your work, business so much that your relationships start to suffer. 

Your health will be alright, but the health of your partner or spouse or someone in the family can be an area of concern this year. So, keep a watch on all your family members' health. It will be a good idea to register for a complete medical check-up for everyone and get the regular tests done from time to time. If you are on any long-term medication, review again with the doctor and make sure you are eating healthy.  

Remedies - Plant as many trees as you can this year. Try and arrange for a plantation drive in your community and gather more people for this.

Lucky Crystal - Yellow Sapphire 
Lucky Color  - Yellow 
Donations - Donate yellow colour things, particularly on Thursdays, to the poor to eat. 
Mantra Chanting - Gayatri Mantra

Number 4 -(People born on 4, 13, 22, 31) Number For Rahu

Number 4 is for the planet Rahu and will give some trouble to individuals who come under Number 4 in this year of Mercury. 

Career & Finance -
For people who come under Number 4, this year will be a little rough with constant ups and downs. Consistency and stability will be missing. We strongly recommend not to make any big investments this year, especially on stocks, as you might have to incur losses. The starting of the year will be alright for you. However, by June, there might be some financial losses if you make any impulsive decisions. So, you should go slow and think before you leap. By the end of the year, everything will become normal, and you will be looking forward to investing in the new year. If you have to make investments, you can invest in technology, science, computers, etc. If your job is in these fields, you will face lesser challenges. 

Love & Relationships -
Your relationships will teach you how to surrender, compromise, and adjust in a relationship. To be truly happy in your relationships, you will have to become 'we' from being a solo player. At the starting of the year, things will be in your control; however, especially around April, you will realise that you have no other option but to bend and make adjustments for higher peace and better harmony in your close relationships. 

You will enjoy excellent health this year and feel strong. You may join some Gym, Yoga classes, or even a dance class to keep yourself fit and agile. People around you will draw inspiration from you, and you will be the centre of attraction. Your good looks and presentation will be the talk of the town. You might spend a lot of money shopping and buying new trendy clothes. Additionally, you might indulge in some online shopping. You will desire to wear the latest fashion, look smart, eat right, and stay fit. 

Remedies - Sponsor some child's education and nutrition. You can sponsor as many children as your heart and budget allow. 

Lucky Crystal - Malachite
Lucky Color - Grey
Donations - Donate academic or educational books to a person or any temple, Gurudwara, etc.
Mantra Chanting - Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap

Number 5 -(People born on 5, 14, 23) Number For Mercury

This is a lucky year for everyone who comes under Number 5. As this is a Number 5 year, your Mercury energy or the energy of Number 5 will multiply for your benefit. From your speech and expression to money and fan following, everything will increase. This will be a golden period for you!

Career & Finance -
For Number 5s, this year will be like no other year. You will make exceptional wealth. You will grow and attain new heights. If you are working, you might change your job offering a higher package. You might get an opportunity for a foreign trip or settle abroad. If you have a business, your wealth can increase by double. Also, you will go on multiple travels this year and spend a lot of money travelling. This will include both domestic as well as international trips. Your communication skills and confidence will increase, and you will be able to impress many people with your style. Hence use this skill for closing business deals or in sales. 

Love & Relationships -
This year will be excellent for you in terms of love and relationships. Everything that you desire will manifest into reality. All you need to do is shed your fears, let go of the past, and focus on your present and future. If you let go of the baggage, we assure you will meet your soulmate this year. Your soulmate will be exactly the way you desired. You will appear extremely attractive to your potential partners, and many people might express interest in you. The chances are that you will have multiple options to choose from. 

Health -
People who come under Number 5 will have success, wealth, and fast-paced life, but what can get missed out is health, especially mental and emotional health. The mental and emotional health can then affect physical health. You might have a lot of stress and anxiety. Hence, we strongly recommend that you follow a healthy lifestyle and do Yoga and meditation. Remember, 'health is wealth'.  If you have everything working for you, but your body and mind are not healthy, you can not deliver for long. So set your priorities right!

Remedies - Do regular Aura Cleansing. What a shower means to the physical body, Aura Cleansing, means to your energy. This will keep your Chakras balanced and aura healthy.
Lucky Crystal - Hematite 
Lucky Color - Green
Donations - Donate whatever comes to your heart to Kinnars all year long, and remember to seek their blessings.
Mantra Chanting - Hanuman Chalisa

Number 6 -(People born on 6, 15, 24) Number For Venus

For people who come under Number 6, the year 2021 will be a good year. The Venus of your Number will make you take advantage of all the golden opportunities. The next two years will also be quite good for you. 

Career & Finance -
You will make money this year. Venus will support you in encashing all the opportunities at the right time. More than 2021, the year 2022 will favour you more as that will add up to your number, i.e., 6. Overall, the next two years will be fantastic for you, especially if your occupation is related to some art, innovation, or creativity. Some Number 6 individuals might purchase a new home or an additional property. Make investments in these next two years, but only after properly analysing and researching. Don't make decisions impulsively. 

Love & Relationships -
If you are single and have been waiting for your partner, the chances are that you will be meeting your Mr or Ms. Right in 2021. People already in committed relationships will continue enjoying the love in their relationships. However, some arguments or fights can crop up between you and your partner, but it will not be troublesome if you handle it properly.

You will have to take care of your health in 2021. Our Tarot Cards do not show very positive cards for health. Also, when Venus brings in a lot of money, some health issues come along. So we advise that you look after yourself more responsibly. Our bodies are like temples, and how we treat them or look after ourselves not only speaks about self-love but also a lot of other things. Do not overthink or overindulge. 

Remedies - Spend time or volunteer in old-age homes. We are referring to 'seva' here and not a donation. You can cook for them or teach them some skills or talk to them. Do this regularly. 

Lucky Crystal - Rose Quartz
Lucky Color - Pink
Donations - Donate fruits this year. You can donate it to a person or any NGO (orphanage, old-age home, etc.), or a spiritual place like a temple, Gurudwara. 
Mantra Chanting - Laxmi Chants

Number 7 - (People born on 7, 16, 25) Number For Ketu

This is a good year for people who come under Number 7. Number 7 is for Ketu and is also a spiritual number, like the seven colors of the rainbow, seven worlds, and seven music notes. 

Career & Finance -
You will have money coming your way. You will have to be careful of the people dynamics and office politics this year. Try to form healthier and stronger bonds at work, especially with your seniors, so there are no misunderstandings or confusion. Keep all the channels of communications open always. You also might be making huge investments, which will benefit you in your old age. 

Love & Relationships -
This is a good year for your personal life. Lots of people who come under Number 7 will get happily married. People who are married will travel with their family, explore new places, and go on new adventures. You will be spending time, money, and energy in family outings, dinners, weekend stays, etc. 

Number 7s will enjoy good health in 2021. Keep yourself happy, and the best therapy for you this year is 'Laughter Therapy'. Not only your body but your mind and soul will be happy too. Spending quality time with your loved ones and family will heal you and give you inner peace.

Remedies - Volunteer in orphanages. You can teach or educate children there as per the requirements. Teach them a new skill. Take them for a guided tour. Try and do this once a month. 

Lucky Crystal - Pyrite
Lucky Color - Silver
Donations - Donate jaggery
Mantra Chanting - Any Shiva Chant

Number 8 -(People born on 8, 17, 26) Number For Saturn

Saturn or Shani is a neutral planet and doesn't harm anyone until you do something terrible first. All the people with Number 8 will be in Saturn's grace, and Shani can bless you like no one else. 

Career & Finance
For all the people who have Number 8, the year 2021 looks quite balanced in terms of career and finance. With your dedication, hard work, and commitment, you will progress. Remember, as Saturn loves justice, it will punish you if you do something bad. We suggest you only focus on your job and do not initiate or be a part of any office politics, gossip, etc. because if you do so, it will backfire and spoil your hard work. So the sensible thing to do is to only focus on your work tasks. There is a strong possibility that you will buy some property in 2021, which will be a good investment. Also, foreign trips can be seen on the cards. 

Love & Relationships -
Love is in the air! You might meet your soulmate and experience a lot of passion and romance. Cupid will bless you with romance and adventures. You will feel complete, experience inner bliss and contentment because of your peaceful and understanding relationships and bonds. Some old ties or relations might break for good, so allow them to go. 

You will enjoy good health. However, we recommend that you keep yourself mentally engaged all the time as the "empty mind is a devil's workshop" quote will be applicable for you this year. Keep offering your mind challenging tasks all year like solving puzzles, etc. If this is taken care of, then the physical body will remain balanced with no major health concerns. 

Remedies - Help senior citizens as much as you can. Arrange for medical camps for them. Ask them what their requirements are and run errands for them. Extend full support in everything that they need. It can be regarding paying their online bills or teaching them how they can do it themselves. 

Lucky Crystal - Lava 
Lucky Color - Black 
Donations - Go to Shani Temple every Saturday and also light an oil lamp at the Peepal tree.  
Mantra Chanting - Shani Chalisa

Number 9 -(People born on 9, 18, 27) Number For Mars

The ever-so-powerful Sun that gives life and light to the universe is the one true creative force. It is full of energy and has lots of powers.
This year 2022, will be a good one for people who possess number 1. However, some students may face some challenges to cope up with the pressure of studies. Distractions due to a crush can lead to a lack of attention in academics and cause significant hindrances.
This year will be tremendous, and positive things will be on your way. Do not focus on your failures. Instead, celebrate your achievements and be proud of the person you are becoming and the great things that you have done in your life. Overall, this year will be a joyful year for you. Try to control your anger. Don't be impatient, stay calm, and do your work wisely. The homemakers will enjoy the warmth and attention of their loved ones this year, which will make them feel pampered. This year will teach you how to bring balance into your life, as this year will challenge you to manage your time better in your personal and professional life.

Numerology 2022: Career And Finance 

In this year, there will be a steady flow of income, and your finances will be in check. It will mark a good start for the freshers and bring fresh energy for those who plan to start a new venture. Be careful not to spend your money unless it is needed. Avoid overspending. This year will be suitable for earning a good amount of money. Your hard work will give you a good name. Those who are preparing for government services may not find uplifting results in their performance. 

Numerology 2022: Love And Relationships 

As the year begins, spend more time with your loved ones. Always be there for them because they need your guidance and support. This year will be good for your love relationship. Be grateful to your partner and appreciate their presence. You also have a chance to get married this year. This year will be very good for your relationship. Although singles will find it challenging to find a partner, they will get a good partner if they try. 

Numerology 2022: Health 

Your health is your wealth, and you should make some changes in your lifestyle to stay healthy. Make proper diet plans and start doing some workouts or physical activities. It will help you to stay healthy. This year will be fine on the health front if you don't take any risks related to your health. There will be no such serious problems but still do make necessary changes for a healthy lifestyle. Try to control your anger because your anger can affect your health. Start meditation too for your good health; it will boost your energy level. 

Let's get to know about the remedies for Number 1 for the year 2022. 

  1. Take one plain piece of paper and write number 1 on it with a golden-colored pen and keep it in your wallet, this will give you great energy, and it will also be lucky for you.
  2. Always take blessings from your father, and every early morning chant "Om Suryae Namah". By doing this, you will get strong stability in your life.

•LUCKY CRYSTAL:- Rubi is your lucky crystal.

•LUCKY COLORS:- Your lucky colors are Gold, Yellow, and Orange. These colors are most favorable for you.

•DONATIONS:- Donate whole wheat and jaggery sweets in a male old-age home. This will give you good prosperity.

•MANTRA CHANTING:- “Om Suryae Namah”. Chant every morning when the sunlight is dim.

•Lucky Number for 2022:-  1 and 5

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