2019 Numerology Predictions

2019 Numerology Predictions

Numerology is the science of exploring the hidden powers of numbers and their influence on people. Each number comprises of energy from a particular planet. Thus, the power of numbers has the potential to reveal our deeper personality traits. It can also identify the obstacles in our path while also predicting how successful we will be in terms of career and financial aspects.

2019, by adding all digits equals to 12 and as a whole number, it comes down to 3. The universal path number for 2019 will be 3. The number 3 stands for Jupiter which is a significant planet in both Numerology as-well as Astrology. 2019 will bless the universe with knowledge, new sources of earning, spiritual awakening and happiness. It is a year of financial gains and the development of a more cheerful and optimistic outlook.

Predictions are based on the birth number

The Birth number is a core or root number which indicates the path of life. It is the date on which you were born. If your date of birth is in double-digit, you add it to get a single number.


for Ruling Number 1

2019 is the year for courage - to make plans and enter in a "new" cycle of experiences. This year holds out hopes of large-scale improvements in both financial and career aspects. You will be able to shape circumstances for the better. You may want to start new projects and enjoy the thrill of seeing your vision come to life. Avoid impulsive buying to keep a balance of finances. Try to broaden your activities and stay alert to recognize the opportunities when they knock the door.

Love and Relationship - Your magnetic personality will help get attention easily. You will soon develop a romantic relationship but taking the leap into commitment will be difficult.

Favourable Day and Colour - Sunday and Golden

Compatible Numbers - 2, 3 and 9

for Ruling Number 2

 You will start 2019 with slow progress in achieving goals but will change the direction of efforts as you come up with innovative ideas. You have an incredible amount of patience and are quite perceptive. It is wiser to retain the projects that you already have. There is an indication of going abroad for work or forming a connection in a foreign country. Financial expenses will be on the higher side. New sources of income will take time to develop so keep the budget under control.

Love and Relationship - You need to control the habit of finding fault in your partner to keep the relationship smooth. Be selective in accepting proposals, this year you will be in a dilemma and can take decisions under the influence of others.

Favourable Day and Colour - Monday and white

Compatible Numbers- 1, 5

for Ruling Number 3

For you, 2019 is the year of success, name and fame. You need to become an extrovert to market your ideas through media or meetings. You have a sharp intellect that gives a knack for quick learning, picking up new skills and retaining information easily. This is an optimistic and cheerful year where you can get better results by expressing thoughts in a constructive manner. Multiple sources of earning along with an opportunity to travel may appear. There will be a need to become practical to get a good position in your job or business. Have faith on your inner voice while taking important decisions.

Love and Relationship - Love affairs may finally take the leap into marriage. Your partner will become helpful, romantic and understanding of your emotions. If you are looking for a new relationship, it could start from April onwards.

Favourable Day and Colour - Thursday and Yellow

Compatible Numbers - 1, 2 and 9

for Ruling Number 4

Unexpected and sudden developments will take place and these will involve forming of new associations. You will need to step out of your comfort zone to experience positive changes in life. You need to make a methodical plan of action after conducting a thorough research about what you want. This may also be a good time for buying or selling of property to lay a foundation for the future. You need to be economical to meet all the financial requirements. Expenses will be on the higher side and you may even take a loan. Stick to the ethics and the right ways to earn money otherwise, loss is indicated.

Love and Relationship - You may meet your perfect match this year and can expect the relationship to grow.

Favourable Day and Colour - Sunday and Mustard

Compatible Numbers - 3, 6 and 8

for Ruling Number 5

Planning a definite goal and being able to make necessary adjustments to achieve it will be key for improvement. Change and new are the keynotes to open a channel for progress. Some changes like new contacts and new opportunities may confuse you, but accept them in the spirit of progress. You may need to break some old patterns but be sure to do this in a constructive way. Business travel, meetings and communications with the unknown will increase. Financially this is a year for investments and a good return can be expected.

 Love and Relationship - You prefer to stay in a friendship-love relationship and have a fear of commitment. You need to work on your emotional pattern to have a trustworthy relationship.

Favourable Day and Colour - Wednesday and dark green

Compatible Numbers - 1, 4, 6 and 7

for Ruling Number 6

The year 2019 will bring a strong desire to get settled in life. You will get the opportunity to instil ideals into the hearts and minds of others. You may also become overly critical if others do not listen to you. Your interest in learning medicine, occult science and music will increase. You are likely to change job for the better. Financial earnings will seem less in comparison to expenditure. You may buy a vehicle and electronics.

Love and Relationship - You attract others easily by your magnetic, soft-spoken, gentle and caring nature. Be aware of situations that can cause friction, this is not an easy year for relationships.

Favourable Day and Colour - Friday and shiny white

Compatible Numbers - 4, 5, 7 and 8

for Ruling Number 7

This is a very important year for you and things will depend upon you being in the right frame of mind. You are attracted to the mysterious and love to figure out codes and secrets. You will go through interesting and unusual experiences either by being left alone or from conditions on which you have no control over. It is a good year to work on long-term projects that need quiet time for planning or writing. Financial challenges will cause mental stress.

Love and Relationship - This year you may feel a lack of emotional connect. Misunderstanding and miscommunication can break the relationship. Ignore small issues to save the relation.   

Favourable Day and Colour - Monday and White

Compatible Numbers - 5, 6 and 9

for Ruling Number 8

2019 will help you learn about how to stay focused, organized, prioritize things and be economical. You will get an opportunity to take extra responsibilities for organizing your work. You should use the energy in a creative and constructive way. If you are cooperative and helpful to others, you will find those in authority recognize your abilities. Research oriented or insurance related work will be fruitful. Financial earnings will be slow, but ensure that you do not go against the ethics. Work completed this year will lay the foundation for future success. Your mind is active and can easily identify a pattern which gives you the power to make smart investments.

Love and Relationship - You will find difficulty in expressing emotions and might be unable to have a romantic relationship. You are faithful but will find it hard to deal with the relationship.

Favourable Day and Colour - Saturday and Blue like a shade of Blue Sapphire

Compatible Numbers - 4, 5 and 6

for Ruling Number 9

This is the year when you need to be ready and willing to let go of the old and undesirable and let new interests flourish. Be compassionate, tolerant and forgiving to get the reward of appreciation. You will become more aggressive, impulsive, reckless and ambitious. This is a year to keep patience - study and collect data to start a new business later. Decisions taken in an impulse can cause loss of job. Be attentive towards your speech, as you may get involved in unwanted clashes. Financial earnings will grow slow.

Love and Relationship - Love affairs will hold your attention for short period. You need a partner who can match your energy levels and versatile nature, this year could help find your perfect partner.

Favourable Day and Colour - Tuesday and dark red

Compatible Numbers - 1, 2, 3 and 7

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