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Taurus Love Horoscope 2016

Taurus, if you are in a serious love relationship, then you can expect 2016 to see you both coming together and strengthening your bond. Just how meaningful can your relationship get? The answer to this is how meaningful do you want it to be?

Well, are you ready for some big news? The planets suggest that the upcoming year will provide already loved-up Taurus with the opportunity for marriage when Venus enters Taurus from May 20th. Love will already be strong between couples during the run up to this, but at this time you may feel an impulse to propose.

If, on the other hand, you are already planning a wedding, then late May or June could be the perfect time to hold the event. The planets will assist you in making sure everything runs smoothly!

What could possibly deepen bonds any more than marriage? How about bringing new life into the world? In an amazing alignment of fate, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus all enter Virgo during August. Each of these planets brings with it a stronger chance for a new arrival in the family. Such a powerful combination suggests a wonderful time for childbirth, and parenthood could well be on the cards for you if you have been trying!

You may find that conflicts can arise in November, when the Sun and Mercury both enter Scorpio. Married couples who previously felt strong may encounter problems, but you will feel an underlying love for your partner that is much stronger than these surface arguments.

Always remember to respect your better half, especially if you are dealing with serious and life-changing decisions together. Their words and ideas are as good as yours, and if you put your minds together instead of bickering then you will have a much easier time coming to resolutions.

With so much depth and sincerity expected between married Taurus in 2016, what is the year expected to bring for the singles out there?

Earlier in the year you might find yourself meeting lots of new people, especially from February 14th when Venus is in Capricorn. However, it is likely that more friendships will develop at this time than relationships, and you wouldn't want to ruin a new connection in your confusion. If you feel that you want to turn a friendship into something more, then you should be careful to make sure that this is really what you want before making any moves.

The best time for single Taurus to find new affection is from mid-June, when Venus enters Gemini. At this time romantic affairs are almost inevitable for you, and you will radiate with a confident glow that helps you to attract a mate. Be yourself, get yourself out there, and you should be fine!

Singles will need to work hard at their love life if they are to find new love towards the end of the year, because of potential misunderstanding with potential new flames. Perhaps this would be a better time to focus on making improvements to your self?

Because of the emphasis on true love and meaning at this time, you should consider that relationships formed in 2016 could develop quickly. This isn't the best time for casual affairs, but rather is a solid year for growing deeply in your relationships.

Marriage and children could well be on the cards for long term couples, whereas newer couples and singles can expect meaningful and passionate love affairs that could develop into something more. If you are not looking to make such serious life decisions, then you can at least enjoy the exquisite connection that you and a partner could develop. Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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