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Aries Love Horoscope 2016

Exciting times await those who desire romance in 2016, but these affairs are not likely to be casual flings. On the contrary, the planets suggest that this year is a time for you to deepen bonds in your love relationships.

If you are married, you will find your emotional connections become more enduring. The partnership could come under strain, but ultimately this is what will bring you closer.

If you are not currently in a relationship you need not despair! You will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people, and if this happens for you it is likely to spark a serious connection that will offer lasting happiness. There will be little need to try hard to make this happen. You just need to allow the influence of love to come into your life. Both Mercury and Venus enter Capricorn in February, setting the flames of passion and companionship alight for the year ahead.

The positive influence that love brings to you early in the year will help to support and motivate you in other areas, such as your busy work life. You can expect to come under pressure from stressful deadlines and long hours at times, but this won't seem such a nightmare when balanced with the joys that your partner can bring; even if these opportunities are rare at times.

Love will take a back seat to some extent at the mid-point of the year, but your partner will understand. The connection you have developed should withstand the time apart that might be needed to advance other areas, such as your career. Just be sure to communicate with them and tell them how much they really mean to you!

In August you will have this opportunity to make up for time lost. Seize the moment and do something really special with those who matter when the Sun enters Libra in mid-August.

Love is also in the air for single Aries too at this particularly romantic time. If you missed your opportunity to meet a new romantic partner earlier in the year, then you will be given a second chance! Be sure to take it this time – love could be staring you right in the face.

Longer term partnerships will need to recognize the importance of communication towards the end of the year. Misunderstandings can arise as you start to spend more time with your partner, but they come to a pleasant resolution when Venus transits Sagittarius in November, as long as you are able to both talk and listen.

From then onwards, all aspects of your life will reach highly fulfilling levels. Love reaches its peak, even when you thought it couldn't get ay stronger! Now could be the perfect time for marriage, and a new arrival could even be on the cards!

Single Aries can expect to find new love during 2016, while married Aries will find stronger connections and solid support from their loved ones and friends. Passion and relationships are looking good this year, but Aries must remember to put time and effort in to loved ones during busy work times. Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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