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Pisces Love Horoscope 2016

Pisces, 2016 looks like an excellent year for love, with opportunities for single Pisces to enjoy romance and deep connections, and for couples to come closer together, and perhaps even take a trip together. Marriage also looks strong, so if you have been thinking about asking the question this year could be the time.

With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all passing through Capricorn between January and February, the start of the year has a particularly romantic feel to it. This is an excellent time for new relationships, so Pisces who have been sitting alone for too long should make an effort to meet new faces that make them smile.

It is also a great time for falling in love. This could be a love at first sight feeling, or if you are a couple it could be your chance to see things on a more meaningful level. Some couples may feel marriage is on the cards. The energy is such that you will want to move whatever you have onto the next phase.

When the Sun moves into Aries on April 14th you may feel like you want to take that love into a new and challenging situation – and this indicated that a travel trip of some sort may be on the cards. If you take this trip, even if it is for a few days, it should be a very romantic and expressive occasion.

During August and September there is a lot of activity in Virgo, with Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all transiting the sign. There are mixed messages here. On the one hand there is a powerful current of love – enough to bring together you and your partner in a completely harmonious domestic life.

On the other hand, the Sun could bring ego problems and conflict. There may be a difference that needs to be resolved. Your partner’s health may also be a concern, and ultimately you might do better if you take care of them more while they are down, and avoid arguments. Love will win.

Mars enters Aquarius from December 12th, and brings another great period for single Pisces. If your romance didn't happen for you earlier in the year, or some conflict has caused a relationship to end, you might see a lot more excitement, as well as some quality time spent with someone who you admire.

A very sweet year for you Pisces, with the potential of new love and new depths in relationships, travel trips, and harmony at home. Be nice and communicate if conflict occurs. Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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