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Capricorn Love Horoscope 2016

Capricorn, 2016 is an excellent year for love and romance! Couples will strengthen their bonds, and home and married life will be both exciting and solid to the core. Singles will also find opportunities for love throughout the year, so all in all you couldn't really ask for much more help from the planets. The rest will be up to you!

On February 20th Mars will move into Scorpio, creating a gap for you to spend more time with your partner. This will be good for you after an exciting start to the year, and you can make up for any lost time. The Sun enters Pisces on the 14th March, and the message couldn't be clearer: love is in the air! Give in to your pleasures at this time, and do fun activities with your partner.

The best time for marriage this year will come when Mars enters Libra on the 22nd June, giving you the power to communicate your deepest feelings, and to make a proposal if it has been on your mind. Don't be afraid to take a risk and tell your lover how you feel about them.

When the Sun moves into Cancer on the 15th June, it can bring the first major signs of trouble for married or coupled Capricorn. You may see domestic issues bubble to the surface after months of harmony, and your partner's health could be a problem – you might feel a bit fed up with commitment, but you must see it through if you really care about them.

Conversely, the same energy will bring exciting ripples on the water for singles, who can expect their love life to pick up. A new partner might come into your life, or several that make you have to make a choice.

You may be focused on your career for a while after this burst of romance, but your loving mood will come back again as the Sun enters Virgo on September 15th, and this will carry you into harmony with your partner once again, held together by Mars in Sagittarius at around the same time. Now is a good clear the air with them about any problems in your relationship.

The end of the year sees more opportunity for change. Will you stick it out, or are you looking for new love? Single Capricorn need not worry. They can simply go with the flow and and enjoy the good times that Venus brings on the 8th November when it transits Sagittarius. Keep your eye out for a chance meeting with a potential lover at this time.

If you are coupled up then you might face a decision that could alter everything. The energy of Mars in Aquarius from the 12th December is one that forces you to decide between marriage, or at least a closer emotional bond, or a new start and a new partner. Only you can make that call! Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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