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Leo Finance Horoscope 2016

Financially, 2016 is set to be quite a balanced year. You are likely to find that your expenses and your income correlate quite well. This might not leave you with the most savings in the world, but you can be comfortable and will find the funds to provide support for your family if you need to.

The Sun moves into Aries in April, suggesting a particularly auspicious time for your finances, and an extremely lucky month that could see you gain money in ways that you didn't imagine would happen. This might mean inheritance, or you might even see a gamble of some sort pay off!

Venus moves into Taurus on May 20th and suggests that you could see a gain from a government organization. Perhaps you are owed some tax back, or some compensation. Make sure you do your paperwork to get it back!

When Venus enters Gemini in June it is quickly joined by Mars, and the combination can be disruptive to your finances. On the one hand, you may find that your own expenses are finally reduced, and on the other you may find that you have to provide financially support for someone close to you, like a family member. Remember, love is worth much more than gold.

Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus all enter Virgo during August, and the implications are that financial gains are possible, but that expenses are still likely to be high. The trick for you may be to reduce expenses if possible, but it might simply be the case that you have come to a point of balance that cannot currently be advanced. If you are worried then you will be able to work harder to cover yourself, perhaps by taking overtime.

The end of the year will see more opportunity for profits, and a more comfortable time for your finances as Mercury and the Sun bring strong energies to Scorpio which move your business and career towards a more lucrative place. Use this chance to give your savings a kick for future emergencies, and you will avoid financial trouble in the future.

You may find saving quite difficult during 2016, instead finding that your income rest on a fine line with your expenses. As long as you keep your mind happy, and support your loved ones when the time comes, this should not be a problem for you. Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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