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Libra Finance Horoscope 2016

Financially, 2016 is looking like a strong year for you, and you may see increases in your income, although there are periods when additional expenses can cause you something of a problem. Whatever your situation when you started the year, it is set to improve overall.

You might even start the year with a major purchase, especially if you have been thinking about buying a new vehicle. You may even gain property, either through inheritance, or through some sort of deal of investment suggested by Mercury's presence in Capricorn. If you have the money, then these buys can influence your life for the better this year.

If you are thinking about moving into your first house, then this is possible in February, and you will also take steps to turn it into a home, with both Venus joining Mercury in Capricorn, emphasizing purchases that are related to the home and to decorating it.

On May 20th Venus enters Taurus, and can bring some problems related to your spouse's health that can really knock your finances, though you will be happy to support them. Money will flow in well, but will be equally easily spent.

A sudden loss of money could come at the end of June when Mars enters Libra, delivering another blow to your finances. This could come from needing to pay for an operation for someone, or having a debt recalled, or an unexpected loss in business. You will need to talk to someone close to you about this in order to feel better, and to come to a conclusion about what to do.

Any financial nightmares you do experience at this time will not last forever. Mercury enters Leo at the end of July, and Jupiter comes into Virgo on the 13th August. This link will create strength in your finances, aided by success at work. You might find a new income, perhaps with a new business venture. You will earn what you deserve, both financially and morally, and life will start to look much better for you. This is a great time to pay off any outstanding debts.

The end of August sees Mercury and Venus both enter Virgo, bringing more expenses and your run of luck might be short lived. You could find yourself spending money on a health issue at this time, and this could be unavoidable. However, because of income increases in previous months, and the fact that you have less debt if you paid it off, you should not struggle too much, and instead find that your finances come to a balance.

Right at the end of the year you will have another opportunity for financial gain, boosted by Venus in Scorpio from October 14th, and Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio in mid-November. This powerful combination will bring you profits in your business, the possibility of wage increases, and maybe even a lucky win! Keep your mind focused on paying back your debts if you still have any left over from earlier in the year.

Finances can feel really up and down in 2016, especially if you are paying back debts after unexpected circumstances. You will also enjoy some lavish purchases if funds allow, and this can make your life better. Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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