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Cancer Finance Horoscope 2016

In 2015 you may have been worried about money, and this will roll over into the new year to some extent. Your mind might be racing when it comes to finance. By focusing on your business or career you will overcome this as the year progresses, starting when the Sun enters Capricorn in January 15th.

Keep your head down and your mind sharp at work, and your finances will improve to the point where you may be able to afford a major upgrade to your home or vehicle when Venus transits Taurus from May 20th.

From around this time you may make improvements to your lifestyle, and therefore you can expect your expenses will increase. This will be in part for good reason – perhaps to pay for your wedding, or to start a fund for education. But you will also take a liking to beautiful and comfortable items that were previously unavailable to you.

Luckily for you, June and July are among the best times of the year for your professional growth and financial gain as Venus moves into Gemini and then into Cancer, and Mars transits Libra. You may receive an inheritance at this time, or you could be keeping your eye out for potential investments – you may find that opportunities in property are especially lucrative. All in all, your more lavish (and deserved) lifestyle will be balanced by an increased cash flow.

The upward trend of success continues, boosted by Venus' movement through Libra from the 19th September, and then through Scorpio on the 14th October. During these months financial stability will be a given, so you will be able to rest your mind from any worries at the start of the year. This is also a great time for you renewal, and if you didn't get a new house or vehicle earlier in the year you may once again seek this change.

The presence of Mercury in Scorpio from the 9th November could create an interesting dynamic – If you are seeking a change in your job you may have to sacrifice the stability that you have been getting used to. Your finances might take a tumble towards the end of the year, and your worried mind could return with a vengeance if not kept in check. However, any turmoil and changes at this time will be for your own happiness in the end.

Your income is set to increase in the year ahead, especially once you start to advance your career. You may make improvements in your lifestyle too! Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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