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Cancer Career Horoscope 2016

The start of the year may see you worrying about your money, but your career is expected to be given a kick of growth as the Sun enters Capricorn in the middle of the month. This means that while you may not see direct monetary gain, you will surely begin to get your foot on the ladder for the future.

If you are unemployed this might mean finding a job, or if you already working for a certain company you may start to settle into a new role, or find that aspects that you struggle with seem to click into place.

You may feel like you want to expand your business in February when Venus enters Capricorn, but you are likely to face challenges that make this very difficult, and you are better off sitting tight until after March 14th. At this time, the Sun enters Pisces and brings more favorable circumstances, and a more naturally occurring opportunity for growth. February is therefore a time better spent enjoying a happy personal life, because after that things might just start to step up a notch!

In April, the Sun then enters Aries, accompanied by Mercury's presence in the sign, which brings with it a big cosmic boost of success and new opportunities to thrive. Work hard to deliver on these opportunities and you will find that Seniors will be most impressed with you.

If you keep yourself focused, this success is set to continue through May, and is further enhanced by Venus in Taurus from May 20th. You may also decide to start a new business at the time, and if you do you will find that your hard work starts to pay off, and you can do more of what you love for a living.

If you work for a company, then by this point in the year you are probably starting to think that you deserve some sort of promotion or wage increase. You have been constantly hitting your targets all year, have impressed in every respect, and have delighted your bosses. The first sign that this will happen for you is when Mars enters Libra on 22nd June. Do not push anything at this time, but let your consistent work ethic speak for itself.

If you didn't bag it the first time, Jupiter moves into Virgo in mid August, and at this time you might see an even more likely chance of promotion, as well as a chance for more profits in business for those who work for themselves. Do not be afraid to stand up and express yourself if you feel like it will help your boss to make the right decision – which is to pick you!

Towards the end of the year you may actually face a rather interesting choice in your career. Despite all of the recognition and success in your existing job, you may be offered an entirely new avenue for your work life when Venus enters Scorpio in October. If your promotion didn't bring you the happiness you wanted, then you could jump ship to somewhere that you find more rewarding in the long run. This is an option for you don't you know?

This urge to find something new may also manifest in other ways. You may expand your business in a new direction, or you may enjoy a new avenue of education too; something to keep your mind engaged and always learning. If you have wanted to take a course then why not find a way to do it? An online course could be a good option if you want to learn alongside your job.

When Mercury and the Sun both enter Scorpio in mid-November, that you find that your attainments at work begin to grind to a halt. The thing is Cancer, you can't stay focused if you don't feel right, and so you must rethink your situation if you are unhappy at this time. Don't be scared of change. The renewing energies of the Sun will help to make what seems like a bad situation, turn out to be a beneficial one.

Overall an outstanding year for your career. You will earn more and spend more. Work related travel will run smoothly. Promotions and wage increases are likely, and for anyone starting a new business 2016 promises to be exciting! Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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