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Astro Mahalakshmi

Astro Mahalakshmi


Vedic, Tarot, KP

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About Me

Astro Mahalakshmi is a highly renowned astrologer from Tamil Nadu with 14 years of expert knowledge in Vedic Astrology and the KP system of astrological predictions. She has held high positions in renowned astrology councils and has even presented papers to Seminars and Conferences. After completing higher education, she gained astrological knowledge from a prestigious institute in India by clearing Jyotish Praveena and Jyotish Visharadha exams. She also holds a diploma in astrology from a reputed university in Tamil Nadu. She brings this astrological knowledge into practical usage every day to all her clients and customers. Her specialization in the Ashtakavarga system, Tarot card reading, KP system, Career and Medical astrology made her a highly sought-after name in the field of astrology for the past 14 years. She was awarded the "Jyotish Ratna" by the  International Academy of Astrological Sciences. Though her mother tongue is Tamil, she is efficient in English and Malayalam.  Her practical application in making fast astrological predictions through "Watch Predictive Technique" (WPT), which is another feather to her excellent talent in Prasna Astrology. Without much publicity, she worked for a well-known astrology company for a limited period and with that experience, she published three Tamil astrological books during 2014 and 2015. The publication of the books took her to the next level in the astrological world. She has done a "Diploma course in Manuscriptology" and undertaken research work on delineating unpublished 6 Signs (from Libra to Pisces) on SAPTARISHI NADI. Her vision of helping society through Astrological work is well recognized and highly appreciated by a prestigious astrology institute.