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Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2017

Sign Tiger, know the impact of Chinese Horoscope 2017 in your love, career, health and wealth aspects

Tigers will have a stable 2017 without any major ups and downs. They’ve had a bad 2016 and so can sit back and enjoy 2017. Their career and love looks good this year provided they allow things to flow smoothly and not want to change things looking for better. They are used to being leaders and like to dictate their terms. This year they need to go with the flow.



Career looks good for the tigers especially in the second half of the year. They are still recovering from last year’s problems but their good performance at work will put them back on their feet soon and they could be getting some promotion at work. They need to watch out for sly people in their work place who could try and pose problems for them. They need to take their work more responsibly in the second half of the year since they have a great chance to prove their worth at their work place and come in the good books of their seniors.



Tigers financial position will be stable this year. They will get good opportunities to make money but they need time to recover their losses from last year. Thus, in their hurry to make money, they should not take any wrong investment decision. Think and consult before making that investment because there are chances of them suffering losses too. But otherwise the year will be a steady one financially.



Love seems to be in the air this year for the tigers. Those who are single will meet their soul mate and those who are in a relationship will not have any petty squabbles. They could decide on settling down and once married, could even have their baby this year. Those already married will have a comfortable relation with their partner and would spend quality time with them. But because cupid is hovering around them all the time, they also need to be careful not to get attracted to a third person. That could ruin things.



Health seems to be fine for the tigers this year and they won’t suffer from any major illnesses or accidents. They should however, take care of their diet and exercise routinely to enjoy a healthy year or they could have some lower body problems. The older tigers and sportspeople may suffer from some sprains etc. Those planning a baby need to eat properly. For tigers to remain mentally stress free, take a break from work every now and then.

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