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Chinese Horoscope 2017

Sheep Chinese Horoscope 2017

The year of the Rooster will turn out to be fine for the snakes, career wise and finance wise provided they don’t miss the opportunity when it crosses them. They need to be alert and make the correct decisions at the correct time. They shouldn’t waste too much time on pleasure and divide their time well between work and fun. Love life looks good too, especially for the single snakes as they have a lot of sexual energy and also can spend quality time with their loved ones. Health needs looking after with the correct diet and exercise and building of immunity.



The prediction for snakes for this year is a normal career. Promotion- wise, nothing spectacular will happen, as they may not be presented with good opportunities at work. You may get bored with this job and look for a change. But it would be better if you compromise and learn to adjust with the colleagues, in your existing job, for a more amicable atmosphere. They need to cooperate with the others and take their opinion too. Otherwise things could get complicated at work and unpleasant. Too much stress at work will exhaust them and so they need to divide the time well between work and rest.



For snakes in 2017, jobs are not going to help them save money. They need to think of curbing their desire to spend unnecessarily in day to day activities. They should not squander their money on petty things. They should write down their expenditure to see where it can be checked. Also, they can do new courses that could get them part time jobs to supplement their income. They should not invest money in high risk things like stocks or lottery.



Love life for single snakes is on the roll. They will come across their soul mate this year. They should not hesitate to make the first move if they find someone interesting or they could miss a great friendship. This year you will have the maximum choice in deciding on a right partner but do be careful not to carry on with more than one partner at the same time. Be true to the love of your choice. Married people need to be careful not to get involved with a third party, other than involving them in the betterment of your career.



Snakes need to take care of their health this year. With fortune being average this year, they could be stressed mentally. They need to eat right and do lots of physical exercise too. Importance needs to be given on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables to improve immunity. They could be a little accident prone this year so they need to take necessary precaution. Pregnant snakes need to be careful. Also, they need to take care of the health of family members. Spend time with them to unwind and feel mentally relaxed.